Happy Valentine's Day

The irony and beauty of Valentine’s Day this year is in it’s date. 02.14.2020. The sum of these numbers brings us to 11. In numerology, the number 11 encourages humans to recognize their soul’s mission and greater purpose in life. Often when we see the number 11, or variations of the sort, we are reminded to go within to tap into our inner consciousness, and follow our intuition. 11 represents independence and it resonates at the highest vibration of love. 

However, we are here to celebrate the duality of this date, no matter which end of the spectrum you are currently sitting on. Let’s go back to the number 11. 1+1 = 2. Today’s date literally highlights two juxtaposing paths, both equally beautiful and a gift. The number 2 represents harmony, balance, consideration, and love. The number 2 is a symbol of union, and there is no coincidence that this aligns with the essence of Valentine’s Day as we know it. If you are celebrating today with a loved one, this is truly a beautiful gift; but if you are not, then we celebrate YOU.


The truth is, being single is such a blessing. It is at this point in your life that you have the freedom to not only explore and make meaningful connections with other people, but it is probably the most crucial stage of your life to dive inward. Please do not try to fast forward through it. Ask yourself, “What is it that I want in a partner? What is it that I need in a romantic relationship?” Once your intentions and/or ideas of a loved one are defined, challenge yourself to acknowledge which of these qualities you do, and let’s be honest — do not — practice. That is where the beautiful transformation and work begins. It is a universal law that like attracts like, so start to live, breathe and be the love that you deserve.


To those of you in a relationship and reading this, thank you for your commitment to one another and sharing your vibration of joy and love with those around you. Remember to check in with yourself and reflect on what your partner mirrors to you and vice versa. A relationship does not mean that your personal growth should be put on the shelf. Committing yourself to a daily practice of self love, compassion, and gratitude will only strengthen your communication with your partner and keep you both grounded in deep appreciation for one another. Remember that things like birthday wishes, new year solutions and holidays should not be the only times in the year that we set positive intentions. Valentine’s Day might be a reminder to celebrate love and your partner, but we should be leading with love 365 days of the year. Nourish your soul first and you will see how quickly your relationships flourish and transform.

On the topic of soulmates, you’ve got several. So remember that. Every relationship and every experience is a blessing. Maybe last year you celebrated Valentine’s Day with a loved one but you’ve since parted ways. That’s okay. Heartbreak heals once you radically accept that each experience is a gift, a lesson, and a step towards aligning with your soul’s mission in this lifetime. Once you are in alignment with yourself, you’ll find that abundance magnetizes to you with ease. Whether the symbology behind the number 11, or 2, resonates with the path you are on today, know that BOTH are a gift worth celebrating. So, happy Valentine’s Day and may this year bring you an abundance of joy, happiness, love, and deep transformation.

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