These are unprecedented times

Everything’s confusing. We hear this phrase in a constant echo chamber of the news, government, and health officials warning us about the dangers of this new pandemic. The coronavirus, or COVID-19 to be specific, blindsided us and its spread is turning humans, who are inherently social creatures, into hermits. Some experts say the mental health impacts could be anxiety and loneliness. 

But it’s not as bad as we think. For a short amount of time, we are encouraged to stay home if possible and “self-isolate.” And while that is important to stop the spread of this disease, it’s also a chance we should take to get to know ourselves and find what makes us spark.

This isn’t a moment to just dwell on how this situation is affecting us negatively. You might be able to work from home, but others don’t even have that option. More than half of American jobs are at risk. Some businesses have managed to stay afloat but smaller businesses are struggling.

While working from home, people have the chance to also work on themselves and their mental health. Right now, this could be an opportunity for some much-needed reflection.

Here are some tips to living slow, while working from home during these times:



So many gyms are closed right now but they’re posting workouts online that people can follow at home. So instead of giving up on your health just yet, look to see if your classes have continued online and keep producing those endorphins.

Some of our favorite studios and apps offering free live streaming and on-demand classes include CorePower Yoga, The Class by Taryn Toomey, Orangetheory Fitness, The Underbelly, The Sculpt Society by Megan Roup, and The Become Project by Bethany C Meyers.

There are a ton of options—many with free trial periods—so begin by finding one that brings a little motivation into your day.. Mind and body done right.

Get Creative

So many people always say they want to learn how to paint, pick up a new language, or try their hand at cooking. With everything going digital and the internet still connecting us and being an endless resource, this is the time to do it. Get working on that pinterest board, and bring it to action. It’s no secret that these personal hobbies also help a person’s mental health by providing a break from routine. This is the time to do it. 

Read Something Interesting

We hate to sound like a middle school English teach who constantly nags about completing required reading. But roughly a quarter of Americans said they didn’t read a book in 2019. It could be for a variety of reasons but one of the could just mean a lack of time. Social engagements take up time. Arranging plans, picking out outfits, applying makeup, etc. the hours add up quickly and they’ll be very obvious when people are no longer using them. So I recommend pick up a good book and use up that time. Maybe start a digital book club with your friends.

Here are some books we are currently reading and highly recommend:

Super Attractor by Gabrielle Bernstein, Renegade Beauty: Reveal and Revive Your Natural Radiance by Nadine Artemis, The Transformation by James Gordon, MD, and The Healing Self by Deepak Chopra, MD, and Rudolph E. Tanzi, PhD

Treat Yourself

Slow living can start by the way we care for ourselves. Simply brushing your hair or washing your face can constitute a ritual. We all have those face masks we haven’t had the chance to use yet. Better yet, we have the ingredients at home to make one. During a conference call, you can have a sheet mask and they don’t know. You could send an e-mail in the tub during your detox bath and no one can prove it. Go ahead and make yourself that rose latte and treat yourself. 

Practice Empathy and Gratitude 

Try to stay positive and remember to show some empathy and gratitude throughout these weird times. Whatever your situation, remember that we are all in this together and this virus does not discriminate. This is affecting everyone differently; We’re in this apart, but always together. Surely, there are some silver linings. Let’s allow ourselves to grow from all these lessons, and the planet will soon enough, thank us back.  

We’d love to hear from you! Comment below and tell us how you’re staying calm, cool and conscious during these times. What are you doing/reading/cooking.., etc?

Brands we love to love

Fine Frenchie by Valeria Krasvina

Use Code: CADAFRENCHIE15 for a 15% OFF your purchase of prints, shirts, and keychains. 

My name is: Valeria Krasavina

I am the mother of: Fine Frenchie

Story behind my brand: Fine Frenchie is a fashionista, blogger, and an influencer who loves to travel in style.

Fine Frenchie is a creative illustration project found in the beginning of 2018. The main focus of the project is to be relatable and bring light-hearted energy to its audience; to give its viewers a laugh, to allow them to see a part of themselves in an unapologetic humor of Fine Frenchie. I am a professional fashion designer working in the industry for over 10 years. Two years ago I ended up in a situation involving a non-compete agreement, as a result of which I was no longer able to produce designs. Being forced to quit my own fashion brand was very challenging, but during those difficult times I came up with an idea of a french bulldog character, which allowed me to combine my love for dogs and fashion.

I am an animal rights activist and a women’s rights advocate. Fine Frenchie is my personal outlet for creativity and a tool to help others as well as myself to never give up and to always believe in myself.

To me, feminism is:  Staying true to yourself, allowing yourself to be who you are, regardless of gender, shape or color.

My go-to mantra: Never give up and keep going!

I hardness my power by: Challenging myself by being original, always looking for new ideas, new creative ways and styles.

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