Humans have not lived on this Earth without their fair share of chaos. However, it is fair to recognize some goodness happening to our planet as well. It may seem insensitive considering the damage the virus has caused throughout our communities, our country, our world. Its severe toll on human life should not be swept aside. As of writing this, the virus has taken more than 176,000 people, mothers, fathers, friends, sons, and daughters. Yet through this moment of tragedy, some good blooms in it. 

In an overwhelming sweep, all of the gradual work and measures put in place by the environmental movements and initiatives seems like pebbles to the avalanche that the virus has caused.  From the comfort of our couch, let us all marvel in the beauty of clearer waters and skies that have been reported all around the world. Welcoming animals to explore the streets of our concrete jungles and suburbs. The measures having to be implemented during the pandemic will hopefully change how things operate in the future.

Since the industrial revolution, America has been releasing emissions by burning fossil fuels causing insurmountable ecological damage. COVID-19 has brought one of the biggest industries of fossil fuels to a staggering halt. As a result, carbon emissions are projected to decrease by 5 percent, the largest drop for fossil fuels on record.

It’s difficult to believe by simply living the life we were born into, we’re inadvertently responsible for so much detriment to our home. We drive to work, turn on the lights, and use our computers. Technology has advanced us in many ways, but it is not without sacrifice. Over the years, there have been multiple movements and initiatives, such as the Paris Climate Agreement and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, to reduce the carbon footprint. Many countries and corporations have committed to reaching these climate change goals but for the first time in a long time, we are finally seeing results.

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With the history of Henry Ford’s depiction of an America on wheels, American expansion was made possible by the addition of highways and the automotive industry. However, trucks and cars were responsible for one-fifth of the US’s emissions. The results have caused almost every president since Kennedy to warn about the catastrophes ahead. State-mandated lockdowns and stay-at-home orders have prevented most of us from simply getting into our cars and driving. The virus has bound everyone to their home. Consequently, traffic in major cities have reportedly dropped significantly. In New York, carbon monoxide emissions were calculated to have fallen by a shocking 50 per cent.


While there are some things harder to sacrifice because they are so entangled with daily routines, other luxuries have also seen a large reduction in demand. Most significantly, air travel has seen a huge, abrupt stop. Air travel surged by 3.4 percent in 2018 and it has been the largest source of carbon emissions around the world. Because of the virus, air travel dropped 96 per cent in the States. Letting the Earth breathe again.

While many of these outcomes seem cause for hope, the most important part in order to keep these numbers sustainable, is to change the way we assimilate back into society. Hopefully working from home will become more flexible, air travel will have more precautions, and we can use this as a way to do more good in the world to balance out all the negative. Optimistically, we can do our part for all the lives lost and make sure there aren’t anymore sacrifices. The earth will thank us. 

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