With COVID-19, protests, looting, and the awareness of racial injustices circulating,  we wanted to take a moment to mention the positive that gives us hope for the future.

It seems the world turned simultaneously against both deadly viruses: COVID-19 and racism. The United Nations, in a brazen act, called for warring nations to cease fires and protect themselves against Covid. Ireland, as a tribute to recieving their help during the Great Famine, raised over $1.8 million for the Naitve American tribe, Choctaw, fighting this virus. And in the prevalent fight against racism and social injustices, the world joins Americans through their acts of protests and support. There has been global unity against a cause for the dismantling of a broken system.

changes and injustices

Since we couldn’t go out at any time and get lunch with friends casually, gossiping, keeping things light, the removal of these more light outings has challenged us to be able to communicate and connect at a deeper level. This time has allowed us to marinate in all the changes and injustices our world has undeniably been through. People around the world are starting honest, difficult, and vulnerable conversations geared towards unity and change.

Doll Test, Harlem, New York, 1947⁠ by @gordonparksfoundation

Corporate Responsibility

Ethics and business quite often seem contradictory. This pandemic has pushed businesses to consider the well beings of their employees and customers over their own pocketbook. In addition, many large corporations have turned their gears into arming our health workers with proper protective gear to fight the pandemic. We’ve also seen several companies allowing people to forego their payments for a while to relieve some of the load of the financial impact. In efforts to support the black community against racism and social injustice, several businesses have also been both vocal and active. Aside from the powerful campaigns and advertising that have been published, there has been a collective effort by corporations in raising donations for different organizations supporting the black lives matter movement. Along with those donations, many stores have taken a pledge to reserve 15 percent of their shelf space to black-owned brands.

More saving, less spending


It’s no secret that American practices with money was pretty wasteful. In a consumerist, marketing society, the constant push of products and services could make people feel insecure if they don’t buy them. But because of the closing of shops and restaurants, lack of red carpets, and overall lack of superficial posts, people are starting to save more and spend less on nonessential things.

help our planet breathe

We’ve talked about this before. We’ve highlighted how the isolation has helped slow the release of carbon emissions in our atmosphere. While quarantine may feel stressful for all those innate travelers, this momentary pause in planes, cruises, and driving will help our planet breathe. Don’t worry, Greece isn’t going anywhere.

While these are small in the face of a global pandemic and the long-awaited awakening for the fight for black lives, it’s holding onto these small hopes and moments of happiness that will help us get through it and thrive afterward and keep persisting for change. Remember to practice gratitude every morning and night  in order to help stay positive in the future. It’s good to remember, this pandemic will pass but the need for change needs to continue. It’s important to be aware of the realities of the world while keeping a hold on the positive will allow us to practice self-care in the most important way.