Manifest and attract your goals

New years are a great way to feel fresh, take on new roles, and visualize your goals. However, we all know it’s easier said than done. 

Our last blog, talks about specific crystals that can help you overcome the odds of not meeting your New Year’s intentions. And, if you want to really secure your chances of beating that 92% failure rate, let us tell you all about vision boards.

Vision boards are one of the best ways to manifest goals into reality. Sounds intriguing, right? Just wait until you see how easy it is to make.

What is a vision board?

Imagine you are sitting at a table; across from you is the universe. You place all your goals and dreams out and claim them as yours. “I claim I will receive an abundance of money in the near future.” This is essentially what a vision board is; a visual representation of you putting your true intentions into the universe to attract your dream life.

Why should I make a vision board?

When you visualize your goals on a daily basis, not only does it give you more motivation to work towards your goals, this method uses the law of attraction. The more you focus on those true intentions, the more you receive signs that your goals are becoming a reality. View your vision board as if you already have all that you included, and you’ll manifest it into reality.

Let’s continue to break down the power of the subconscious mind. When you are manifesting your goals and dream life, you are participating in the law of attraction. If you really believe that something will happen, positive or negative, it has a much higher chance of happening. Here are some of our favorite quotes that will help you understand that idea more:

“What you water, you grow.”
“What you focus on, you create.”
“What you visualize, believe, and put energy towards, you attract.”

How to create a vision board?

So, now the easy part. There are two ways you can create a vision board, digitally or physically (or both). 

You can make a digital board for free using a photo collage app like Pinterest, PicCollage, or the iPhone’s Vision Board app. My favorite is the Vision Board app because it allows me to categorize my goals and even set deadlines for them. 

There are also some free websites like Canva where you can easily drag and drop pictures and write inspirational quotes. If you want to upgrade, Photoshop is an excellent tool for this project. 

For a physical vision board, you can use anything from a poster to a wooden sign. You’ll need scissors, glue, magazines, and any extra things you would like to add to your board.

What do you put on a board?

You will want to collect images that fit your goals. For example, maybe you want to get that degree, move to a new city, or make meaningful connections. You’ll simply find specific images related to those goals and glue or add them to your board.

You can find these images online for free on Pinterest. Or go the old school route, with newspapers and magazines. If you want your board to fit a consistent aesthetic, you can always download the pictures onto your phone or computer and choose filters that you love! This will make your vision board everything you want it to be and more.

The more specific your vision, the more specific the outcome. So ask yourself:

What degree do you want?
What city do you want to move to?
What company do you want to work for?
What brand do you want to connect with?
How will these things make you feel?

Best places to put your board

Vision boards need to be somewhere you spend a lot of time and in a place, you can physically see it. I hang my physical vision board right by my art desk. Some put theirs in their home office, and others put theirs in their bedrooms.

If you have a digital vision board, you can set it as a wallpaper on your phone’s home or lock screen. Another great place is your laptop background!

After you create your vision board, post them and tag us @cada_culture! We would love to see what you create and what you are attracting in your future.

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