Mindful breaks and relaxation with Jessie Noelker

In recent years, there has been an increase in reminding one another that relaxing is okay. The guilt that we sometimes experience when trying to relax can be stemmed from how we view others’ lives on social media, the pressure we put on ourselves to achieve more or the feeling that what we have accomplished is not enough. There have been times that I have surfed my socials and saw that others were achieving in what I considered to be more than I was, and caused me to feel guilty for taking time for myself. This cycle continued until I forced myself to just, stop.

How do we break this cycle?

I’m sure by now we all know that the view we have of other people’s lives through their social media accounts is not a representation of their whole lives, but we must first start with reminding ourselves of that. Next, we need to debunk the idea that relaxing is a waste of time. Taking the time to relax is not only productive, but will improve the work you do by making you more efficient during work hours, and improve your creativity and ability to problem-solve. Now, we must take our relaxation seriously so we are more inclined to set aside time to relax. Pencil in the time you want to spend relaxing on your schedule as a reminder that it is important. 

How to create a healthy relaxing time.

We all have different ways we enjoy decompressing, and it is important to find what relaxing technique works for you. A few examples may include yoga, meditation, journaling, taking a walk, enjoying a glass of tea or coffee, going for a drive, and watching a youtube video or TV show. Although I enjoy just about all of these activities, I especially enjoy practicing reiki healing, tarot card reading, and mindful relaxation. Let’s dive deeper into what these three techniques can look like with a professional.

Meet Jessie Noelker

Jessie Noelker is a certified Reiki Practitioner level 2, a tarot card reader, psychic, and creator. 

What is Reiki?

“Reiki is all about getting in touch with your mind, body, and spirit. Healing the mind heals the body. 

Reiki is using the life force energy that resides here on planet earth and in the whole universe. We all have access to this energy within ourselves. Learning how to channel Reiki can heal emotional wounds, help you bring awareness to trauma, and release stagnant energy stored in the body caused by trauma.”

How could you best describe reiki as a self-care form? 

“Reiki helps you get more in tune with yourself. When you heal the mind, you heal the body, which then leads to having a deeper connection with your spirit. 

Reiki is like having a date with yourself, it naturally guides you to getting to know the deeper aspects of yourself that are hidden in the shadows.”

What effects do you think reiki has long and short-term? 

“Overall, using Reiki to heal can help in the long term just by guiding you to get more in touch with your body and mind instead of living your life on autopilot. 

In the short term, it can help bring awareness to and release the subconscious patterns we’ve created through trauma. 

Bringing you to start healing NOW.”

What are tarot card readings?

Tarot reading is just another way of channeling from God, the universe, our spirit guides, or whatever you wish to call it, to receive clarity and peace over specific things in our life. 

We deserve to have the answers we seek for and receiving a tarot reading from a professional medium can help you with just that.”

Why do you think it is so important to create mindful relaxation times for yourself? 

“Look at it this way, you can’t keep a car running when it’s out of gas. 

Learning how to honor ourselves and truly listen to what our body needs will get you closer to the things you desire for in this life much sooner. 

Burnout is very real and emotional instability is only caused when we don’t give ourselves time to heal, release and learn from life experiences. 

When instead we take time to tune in and listen to the voices that are coming through, we can learn and heal much more gracefully.”

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