Fitness and Wellness in the Black Community

The CADA team had the utmost pleasure of interviewing T’Nisha Symone on fitness and wellness topics in the Black community. During this Clubhouse interview, we addressed stigmas, areas of improvement, BLAQUE INC., and so much more. Did you miss it? No worries, we created this blog as a summary of our conversation.

Meet T'Nisha Symone

black fitness instructor
T'Nisha Symone

T’Nisha Symone is a certified personal trainer, nutrition coach, and founder of the fitness company BLAQUE. As someone who has been working in the fitness space for 10 years, T’Nisha saw a disconnect between fitness spaces and the black community. Taking matters into her own hands, she created a fitness space where the Black community was not an afterthought but the purpose. BLAQUE is a company designed to create and center fitness and wellness spaces for the Black community. BLAQUE is launching a fitness + wellness app in a few months and has an in-person location in the works for NYC. You can learn more about T’Nisha through her Instagram, BLAQUE’s Instagram, and website

Fitness companies must lead with intention

Our conversation started with addressing the lack of inclusion in the fitness industry and the changes that must be made. In the fitness space, T’Nisha believes that “We’ve created this huge infrastructure, now let’s figure out how to fit Black people into it”, is often the message that is relayed. When starting a business, the intention has to be there from the beginning. It is obvious when businesses make Black people an afterthought. 

Fitness companies must look at the intention behind their actions and ask themselves what they’re doing and who they’re doing it for in order to make a hands-on change. This also applies to any industry seeking to be apart of inclusion.

There is a need to better the fitness and wellness experience for Black people. This is exactly what the company BLAQUE is doing. The company is specifically designed to help Black people meet their wellness needs. 

Extending beyond fitness, the company designed something called morning moments. These meditations are two to five-minute audio recordings that speak directly into some of the societal pre-conceived notions particular to the Black community. What you first hear in the morning has a significant impact on your behaviors during the rest of your day. These morning meditations validate experiences the Black community faces while simultaneously encouraging a wellness path.

Morning moments will be featured on BLAQUE’s app launching in the spring. The creation of this app started because of the circumstances given with covid. “As a CEO and founder, I was in a place of anxiety and stress. It was not only because of the unknown circumstances with the pandemic but also because of the three deaths that were publicized within a span of two weeks. Black people were enduring so much pain and loss, and at the same time I was trying to figure out what to say, what to do, and where we were going.” T’Nisha began focusing on how to serve the fitness and wellness needs of the Black community in covid times. Fitting BLAQUE into an app was the answer. Unlike other apps, the focus is on behavior change. BLAQUE specifically designed pathways for what clients need in their health and wellness journey.

As they move forward, the focus will be on enhancing current experiences, providing more content, adding more team members to assist clients better, and expanding what the app offers to reach more people in the Black community.

We then addressed what achievements T’Nisha has seen so far with the rise of BLAQUE. For her, the most exciting part of structuring BLAQUE is the ownership people have over their process. Fitness companies often create programs so their clients rely on them to accomplish their goals. T’Nisha took a different approach by teaching and providing the tools to clients. The tools help clients create sustainable wellness practices for themselves. One of the best moments for T’Nisha has been the feedback she receives from clients. People are finally learning about their bodies and making time for themselves, thanks to BLAQUE’s programs. 

When we start the process of learning our bodies, a domino effect begins. Improvement occurs in all areas (e.i. Our sleep, moods, and work ethic). What about our eating habits? T’Nisha has met with clients who’ve had to tackle why they struggle with unhealthy emotion-based eating. In its most common form, emotional eating is a lack of awareness in the present moment. For T’Nisha, it’s essential to start with the why. Our relationship with food comes from intentions and past experiences. Overeating often comes from places outside of hunger, including the time of day, routine, and events. “It’s two o’clock, I should eat rather than do what my body is telling me.” In BLAQUE’s program, they talk about eating until you’re 80% full and focusing on what you’re not getting out of your diet.

Our conversation with T‘Nisha was enlightening to say the least. We believe BLAQUE.INC will continue to make enormous waves throughout the fitness industry. CADA would like to thank T’Nisha Symone for joining us in our clubhouse interview, answering our questions, and educating us on these crucial topics.

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