May is Getting Ourselves ‘Un-Stuck’ And Riding Mutable Eclipse Season Social Waves

Our May horoscope begins with electricity, as many of us are influenced to make bold shifts in our foundation following the intense Scorpio Full Moon on April 26. Taurus, generally a stable sign ruling collectively over finance, values, security, body, and nature, is currently experiencing a pass-through from revolutionary Uranus.

So while Taurus season can generally be a grounding period, this year is more about shifting what’s old and stagnant and embracing new ways to create abundance and fertility in our life. It’s also an important time to ground into our sense of self-worth and understand our own values, which may have undergone change since the Covid-19 crisis began.

Business and Finance

The first week of May sees the Sun in Taurus Conjunct Uranus, Black Moon Lilith, and Square Saturn. This pressures us to make bold moves toward alignment with our values, especially around work and finance. Collectively, we are beginning to expand our philosophical and literal concept of currency with the rise of acceptance around digital currency and trends like NFTs. This is the Uranus in Taurus influence until 2025.

In 2021, there is pressure to make adjustments if our work and values don’t help the collective. This also goes for businesses. We continue to see consumer awareness around the impact of purchase power and hold brands accountable to stand for the betterment of humankind and nature.

Keep an eye on cryptocurrency, decentralized finance, and internet movements impacting the economy in May. We may see a rise in crypto value associated with the second Saturn Square Uranus that goes exact on June 14. The themes that began over the end of January are
revisited at this time, and there may also be friction with more traditional systems.

Personal and Social 

Taurus season may have brought about difficulty sleeping for many fixed sign placements, with Uranus keeping us wired at weird hours. Ground into ritualistic self-care and engage all five senses, integrating nature into your wellness practice. We may be more conscious of our bodies, in general, this season. A gentle reminder that your self-worth is more than your appearance! How do you honor and feel your personal worth? May 11th’s new moon offers a wonderful time to visit that question before a buzzy new beginning around social activity.

One of the major highlights of 2021 astrology is Jupiter’s dip into creative, spiritual Pisces from May 13 to July 28th. Optimistic Jupiter rules over philosophy, higher education, travel, and fortune. He expands the themes of the sign he’s transiting for the collective. Combined with the Sun, Mercury, and Venus shifting into sociable Gemini, this is big renaissance energy! The world will be abuzz again and hungry for connection with more depth, particularly around creative outlets like film, art, music.

For many, this abrupt movement out of stuckness into a flurry of social activity could induce some anxiety. Especially as there are still unknown lingering fears around variant strains and the long-term impact of the vaccine. Honor your body’s wisdom and comfort zone. Also, be aware of lower vibrational Piscean traits that look like substance overindulgence, numbing out, and escapism. Overall, this transit will bring more optimism, hope, and a sense of empathic energy to our social engagements.

The total lunar eclipse blood moon in Sagittarius on May 26 opens the eclipse season portal until June 11. Eclipse seasons are like cosmic check-in points where fated events can catalyze upgrades and karmic growth. This eclipse season continues our societal growing pains around North Node in Gemini and South Node in Sagittarius. The nodes of fate shifted last June into the axis of communication, media, and travel. Major themes highlighted during this period deal with the release of dogmatic echo chambers and self-righteousness while honoring and bridging society’s duality by managing our communications more objectively. We saw these themes exacerbated around politics, conspiracy theory, media reporting, and social media’s regulations and algorithm practices. We also continued to be strained around global travel (Sagittarius South Node) and engage more with our immediate communities (Gemini).

The astrological weather during our total lunar eclipse in Sagittarius is riddled with hard aspected Squares to Neptune in Pisces. While the overall tone in May is optimistic, this energy brings confusion around our reality, facts, and our ability to ‘get back to normal.’ We may hear news around vaccination passports, secondary strains, and unclear information from authorities. It’s important that we watch both sides of the media narrative to check our south node Sagittarian echo chamber bias. Even if you don’t agree with CNN or Fox news, understanding the stories that are being told to the collective, and finding truth in the nuance, is part of our karmic journey here that allows us to connect with others.

Relationships and Love

May begins unapologetically sensual with a focus on relationships that make us feel good in our bodies. Venus in Taurus conjunct Lilith and Sextile Neptune on May 2nd offers a romantic time for relationships. Think outside the box for date ideas and if you’re riding solo. Venus trine Pluto on May 6 is a steamy time to deepen your intimacy. Whether coupled or solo, take time to connect deeply with pleasure in all ways.

On the 9th, Venus moves into Gemini, and singles who have been stuck in a dating rut can expect more action in their apps and DMs. Going from jaded to juggling will bring its own challenges, so be intentional, selective, and discerning around who you give your dating energy to!

Pay special attention to the 18th as Venus is conjunct the fated North Node and conjunct our wounded healer asteroid Chiron. Chance situations give way to healing relationship wounds, either through open communication with a partner or renewed optimism around dating in general.

Mars, the planet of physical passion, sex, and ambition, moves through watery Cancer through the month, bringing up more feels overall. And more soulful intimacy in our bedroom encounters. Be aware of intense mood swings and defensiveness that comes from a wounded place on May 11, especially for cardinal signs.

Be sure to double down on clear communication and openness with romantic partners around the Lunar eclipse on May 26. Venus Square Neptune brings a high potential for misunderstandings, suspicion, and mistrust. Honesty is the best policy with all connections right now. And if you have suspicions, be sure to gather all information and check your facts before making accusations!

For a more detailed personal scope, check your sun and rising sign below. This monthly astrology transmission was written by Fiona Hillery. Follow her astrological and esoteric musings on Instagram and direct message her for personal consultation rates using code CADA.


What does worthiness mean to you, ram? This month you may be defining your worth and the value of others to your life in more expansive ways. You’re independent with a strong compass, but Mars in Cancer may have you yearning to share quality time with someone who can see past your badass exterior. Use your primal instinct AND logic to find someone who feels safe with to be vulnerable with. On the business front, May 17 is a powerful day to schedule important meetings, announcements, and speaking arrangements.


In a year that’s buckled down and asked you to get serious about your place in the world, you’re ready to share your soul work with the world. Take time to ground your dreams into form the first two weeks because once Gemini season hits, you’ll be experiencing a welcome social reprieve and more outlets for fun! On May 18, there may be a fated connection that enters your life while out enjoying yourself. For those dating, May 20 could see a fling get more committed.


Taurus season highlights your career sector, specifically if you work with the public! There’s an opportunity to share your creativity with the world on May 3 that will get you noticed. You’re never one to be shy, but this year Saturn’s opposition to your sign may have you tired and questioning what you offer the world. Claim the spotlight again! Even if you don’t feel like it, sharing your voice with the world will be energizing to your spirit. Once the sun moves into Gemini, your social life will be buzzing! Be aware, someone around your friend group could make romantic moves by the end of the month.


Feel that in your sacral, Crab? It’s the feeling of your kundalini rising straight into a sensual awakening this month with Mars moving through your sign. Take advantage of this creatively and intimately. Your manifestation powers are heightened during Gemini season in your 12th house of the subconscious. Though you may experience some endings around May 26, recognize the subtle gift in every departure. You may be feeling more physically tired during Gemini’s eclipse season, so be sure to honor your body’s natural lunar rhythms and self-care.


When the Sun shifts into your sign on May 20, it’s your time to shine! You may have already experienced a flurry of social engagements throughout the first few weeks, but you are back to being booked and busy from May onward. The Sagittarius lunar eclipse hits your 7th house of partnerships, bringing fated encounters and situations into your life to level you up in love. Gems who are riding solo could meet a partner while socializing, swiping, or traveling at the end of the month. Be aware of Venus’s square to Neptune, adding a layer of mystery around connection. Your curiosity might peak, but is the potential for real? Your heart has the wisdom you seek if you let it talk.


Your birthday month continues with more twists and surprises in May, Taurus. It’s likely you’re coming off some bold moves in love and life. Don’t stop there! On May 2nd, Venus conjuncts Lilith in your 1st house, encouraging you to own the bold, fearless, and unapologetically sensual side of yourself. Doing so could attract some serious passion that cultivates on May 6. If you’ve been feeling restless or having challenges sleeping, hold out until the second week of May when Uranus stops electrifying your brain at all times. On a positive note, your ideas are divinely inspired and revolutionary! Keep a journal of all the intuitive flashes you receive and listen to your gut hits.


Feeling worldly and philosophical right now? Taurus season may have you thinking about the bigger picture of your life and who fits spiritually into your story. Which is a switch up to your usual enjoyment in the day-to-day. It’s a great time to reflect on your belief systems and values, making your micro-decisions based on that framework. In romance and business, the self-work you’ve done is about to pay off with Jupiter’s 3-month dip into your 7th house of partnership. Virgos dating may find themselves in the deep end of connection with someone special by May 31. Feel the happy feels; you deserve it!


You have the gift of gab, Libra, and this month it takes you to all kinds of places! But make sure you have your taxes in lockstep first, with the Sun in your 8th house of joint assets and debts on Tax Day. Venus trine Pluto in your 4th house is also an aspect that could favor large returns for households if you file strategically. On May 12th, your words can inspire deeper commitment in your romantic relationships. Whether single or dating, speak your truth and watch the world respond to your deeper authentic frequency.


The power of intentional dating is potent for you right now, Scorpio. April brought deep releases around relationship shadows, and now it’s time for your integrated sexy self to come out and play. If you’re single, the Taurus new moon on May 11 is ripe for manifesting your soulmate. When Jupiter moves into your 5th house on May 13, you’ll have an abundance of lucky options to choose from. Release any residual intensity from the end of April’s full moon and emerge an empowered phoenix rising. Others will notice and invest time and energy in you!


Time to take a break from building empires, Cap. May’s Taurus season invites you to define fun without the need for it to be productive. The 6th is an especially sexual time to be seen, as you are exuding magnetism under Pluto’s trine to Venus. Eclipse season may bring closure to old stories, be ready to release what’s not helping you build your dreams.


You’re on fire with fitness at the beginning of May, Sag. An abundance of energy sweeps your 6th house bringing the ability to power through intense workloads and sweat out any angst! On May 13, Jupiter shifts into your 4th house, bringing luck, fortune, and expansion around the concept of home and family. You could find yourself booking flights, remodeling your home, or enjoying having people over your abode. If you’re sticking in town, house parties and community gatherings could be auspicious for dating, especially around May 18.


After a period of hibernation, May brings all the fun you’ve been missing into the fold with full force. Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, is stationed in your first house from May 13 until July 29. Your artistic, spiritual and deep nature is a superpower that others will admire! Pace yourself, as your time and energy are in high demand. And opt for the movies, outdoor concerts, or activities by the water if the thought of crowds is an empath overload right now!

About Fiona Hillery:

Celebrity Astrologer

Fiona Hillery is an esoteric empowerment coach based in Los Angeles using certified interdisciplinary practices of western astrology, tarot, and feng shui. After a decade of building a successful media career in New York City, Fiona’s passion and soul-centered service took off as the Covid crisis hit and society looked to the stars. In the past year, Fiona has helped over 250 clients, including executives, celebrities, and couples, and facilitated dozens of special zoom events.

Fiona’s professional background in business, media, and creative partnerships, combined with her intuitive interpersonal skills, offers tangible value for all clients ready to step into spiritually aligned empowerment. In her last Director role at Vice Media, Fiona showed by example that esoteric wellness enhances leadership growth, creativity, and team building.