How June’s Mercury Retrograde Eclipse Season Brings Plot Twists To Social Emergence


Our June horoscope opens in the midst of our third Gemini and Sagittarius axis eclipse season. Eclipses are a portal of time revered for fast changes, societal shifts and personal upgrades, though this year’s packs a triple threat twist.

Time will be moving fast and slow, with Mercury, Saturn and Pluto in retrograde. Karmic lessons we experienced collectively and personally over the past year will be revisited. We’re being called to reflect on our nodal lessons with enhanced perspective as we enter back into society in full swing.

Sagittarius south node asks us to continue releasing extreme ideologies, dogmatic fixed thinking, social media echo chambers, biased news reporting, and consumption-based only on reinforcing our own cognitive biases. The global events we’re presented with the need to be observed from every angle, especially in the United States, where our political structure emphasizes extreme duality.

And though Jupiter in Pisces lightens the mood with an optimistic overture of hot gal summer, the first two weeks of June remind us the collective work is not done!

Enter former President and controversial conspiracy figurehead Donald Trump stage right. The June 11 eclipse activates his natal birth chart and hits his sun and moon exactly. On his birthday, June 14, the second of 2021’s Saturn Square Uranus series hits exact. This hard aspect pattern first emerged in February when he was acquitted in his second impeachment trial. Though we’ve experienced a welcome reprieve from Twitter rants, this eclipse season is likely to see an influx of activity around his new social launch and rally schedule announcements.

With his personal expression coming back into our sphere comes revisiting the conspiracy conversation. Neptune in Pisces squares the nodes of fate exact on June 5, bringing confusion and delusion around the concept of truth. Mars opposite Pluto can ignite fiery reactions from this confused state. It’s pivotal to stay observant of all narratives floating around the digital sphere at this time. It’s likely that we won’t have all the information we need, though, this doesn’t mean we need to disconnect from belief in reality altogether. Stay grounded!

Other societal themes to stay alert of during this time include announcements around major corporations restructuring (like Microsoft during the last Saturn Square Uranus), travel announcements and online financial movements creating market fluctuations. Vaccine mandates for companies, events and travel will be a hot topic issue that illustrate the Sagittarian virtue signaling and “I’m righteousness” narrative at play.

The tension lets up the week of June 21 when the Sun enters sentimental Cancer and Mercury stations direct bringing more clarity. With Sun trine Jupiter, it’s time to get the party started and allow yourself to celebrate all the recent growth.

Until this time, stay present and patient to what is showing up for you on a personal level. Observe the patterns of your life. On a positive note, eclipses can bring fast upgrades and spiritual expansion if you’ve done your karmic work! Fated events, opportunities, and connections can show up at this time. Though hold on making too many bold moves, big investments and final decisions until the 22nd if you can. And as always with a Mercury Retrograde, triple check all technology and give yourself extra time to travel.


Vaxxed, waxed and ready to be snatched! Whether single or in a relationship, there’s an abundance of romantic opportunities afloat with Venus Trine Jupiter the first week. Though with Mercury Retrograde in Gemini at play, a choice is presented. Are you content to repeat past dating patterns? Or, are you intentionally ready to start new cycles? Our connections reflect how we value ourselves, so choose the path and person that upholds your best self. And celebrates resilient you emerging post quarantine.

The planet of love shifts into nostalgic Cancer on June 2nd during said retrograde, so chances for ex texts are at an all time high. Depending on how much you’ve both evolved, this could still be optimistic. But tread lightly! June 12th brings up old wounds collectively with Venus Square Chiron.

On the 21st expect idyllic, fairytale romance in the air. Best day of the month for dating and meeting soulful connections. Clear the calendar and plan a playdate!

The month closes out with Venus meeting Mars in the playful, bold hearted sign of Leo, reminding us the act of love is one of bravery. And it starts with always choosing to love yourself first.


Expect delays, tech difficulties and awkward zoom meetings during the first two weeks of June as Mercury in retrograde asks us to do things twice, or maybe even three times, with its placement in the sign of multitasking Gemini. It’s a great time to revisit systems management, especially if you’re planning on re-entering the office.

Be on the lookout for announcements from tech, travel and social media companies during eclipse season, with the nodes of fate lighting up those industries.

On June 14, Saturn will Square off with Uranus for the second time, the last being in February. Some themes leading up to this anticipated tense aspect included online Reddit movements fluctuating financial markets through democratized day trading. We see cryptocurrency impacted by social media once again in lead up to the second square, with Elon Musks’ vocal online opinions and actions creating a massive dip in the market. The first two weeks may bring more unexpected announcements and opinions fluctuating the already volatile crypto market, with Mercury square Bitcoin’s Uranus. Though, with Uranus trine Bitcoin’s Sun and Jupiter Sextile Bitcoin’s Pluto, there’s a resilience despite public conflicting opinions that just won’t quit.

Mercury stations direct on the 22nd, opening up a window that’s more auspicious for scheduling important business meetings, announcements and launches of new endeavors.

For a more detailed personal scope, check your sun and rising sign below. This monthly astrology transmission was written by Fiona Hillery. Follow her astrological and esoteric musings on Instagram and direct message her for 20% OFF personal readings using code CADAJune.


What a time to be alive with the fuel of cardinal fire in your belly, ram! Eclipse season may bring a swirl of ideas, and a resurgence of old ideas that can be executed in new ways. With Gemini in your 3rd house there’s heavy emphasis on learning and expression. You have a quick tongue, though be aware of potential for misunderstandings on June 5 when Mercury Squares with Neptune in your 12th house of endings. Work may be emphasized for you around June 14, and if you’re in a leadership position be on the look out for shifts in office policy or conflict with authority figures. If you are the leader, how can you uphold structure while also innovating new ways to enhance teamwork and modernism in this brave new work culture? If there are disagreements, you have the power to find peaceful resolution by June 24th when Saturn trines Chiron in your sign and the Capricorn full moon illuminates your highest career path forward.


All the Aqua wants is to play and have hot gal summer right now! Creativity, parties, dancing, film, and fun are the only action items on the agenda right now. Though, the Saturn Square Uranus aspect present throughout the first week pulls you out of the zone. You may find that you’re being bogged down with too many responsibilities to fully let loose. Practice setting boundaries with your energy. Just because you can show up for everyone doesn’t mean everyone deserves your unique, energizing, and inspirational aura. No is a full sentence!


Social engagement overload, Leo! Your calendar may be booked and busy the first two weeks of June, and it’s likely you’ll be in high demand. All is well, though, with retrograde season in your 11th house of friendships, you may be called into using better discernment around friendships. Be vigilant around old lovers popping up at parties or in your DMs, especially around June 13. Nostalgia may be in the air, but you’re boldly stepping into the next chapter of your story. Flashbacks are useful tools, but it may be time to recast the costar. On June 26 there’s opportunity to meet fated connections aligned with your soul path via social groups, friend circles or networking opportunities.


It’s OK to take your time emerging from the past year of hermit life, Cancer! With a stellium in your 12th house, Mars in your 1st sign and mercury retrograde, you’re feeling empathic on behalf of the entire collective at the moment. Jumping into the deep end of social engagements could prove overwhelming to your energy at this moment. There is no rush, rather, it’s an important time to reflect and set intention around who you’re surrounding yourself with within 2021. Your emergence into the spotlight is imminent come June 23 when the sun in your sign trines Jupiter. Just in time for the full moon, which could bring some steamy romantic energy and a re-wilding of self!


Happy Birthday, Gemini! Phew this one is queuing up to be quite the season of shifts and breakthroughs for your social butterfly self. You may find a brand new identity emerging at this time. Your sign is never one to be boxed into one archetype. You’re mutable, multidimensional and ready to share a new side of yourself with the world now. Before you make any major social media announcements, use eclipse season to reflect on all the parts of you who adapted against the odds over the last year. On June 11 set your new story in motion, the New Moon Solar Eclipse has your back and Mercury Conjunct your Sun supports your full expression of self.


Coming off quite the roller coaster birthday season, it’s wise to ground in and find stability during eclipse season the first two weeks of June. You’re full of revolutionary ideas and inspiration throughout 2021.This retrograde season is all about reviewing ways to keep your natural stability while shaking up your status quo. June 3rd and 11 may offer a breakthrough moment supporting grounding your vision into reality. On the love front, June 13 brings unexpected encounters with special connections in your immediate neighborhood. Take walks, visit your local park and get involved with the locals. You may find that special connection right under your nose!


Your life may be feeling more fluid than usual right now, bringing many choices and opportunities around career and purpose. Now, more than ever, it’s important to remind yourself of your adaptability and prioritization. Your orderly, perfectionist streak may be busy making lists, but the real wisdom will be found through your ritual and embodiment practice. Meditation and fluid movement like yoga and dance can both help you find your center and your body’s intuitive ability to feel into the best path forward. The world can wait, and any door closing for you professionally now is immediately met with another that opens. Partnerships of all kinds are flourishing this season, with Jupiter transiting through your 7th house. Take mental ease in knowing you are right on time for your life’s work to unfold. All you need to do is show up for yourself and stay open to receive.


Eager to escape the noise to a picturesque paradise, Libra? Mercury retrograde may throw a wrench in your travel plans, but you’re also one to create harmony wherever you flow. If you find yourself grounded from flight, take ease in knowing the dating scene is on fire for you this month! June 3rd and 25th are both dates to mark on the calendar for potentially steamy encounters. The full moon on the 24th also illuminates insights around your home, family, and career. Balancing self-care and public expression are one of your most understated traits. Create space to beautify your physical dwelling and watch your career inspiration take off as well!


Intimacy and financial investments are up for review this retrograde season. Are you stressing around your stock portfolio or a potential purchase? Take time to investigate all angles of opportunities that come up over the first two weeks in June, holding off on signing any dotted lines until after the 22nd. On June 11 there’s a special surge around your career and potential for you to be thrust into more prominence in leadership or on camera work. Don’t shy away from the spotlight! Your depth and understanding of the human condition are incredibly potent for the collective to receive this year.


Health and fitness find their way to the top of your agenda at the start of June, Cappy. You may find yourself interested in new workout routines or re-opening your membership at your local gym. When Mars moves into Leo on June 11 nothing can stop you from achieving your physique goals! Just in time, Cancer season illuminates opportunities to find romance. The 23rd is an incredibly magnetic day, though be aware that anyone entering your life right now may also come with potent soul lessons that transform you. These connections are not one-night stands!


Does it feel like your entire life is in a state of flux, Sag? This eclipse season carries out the south node’s release around mutable fire that began one year ago. There’s a special emphasis on relationships right now, but remember that all relationships are a reflection of your own self-perception. Take a moment to pull back your arrow and intentionally aim toward your next endeavor. Release what and who isn’t meant to ride with you in this next journey. How freeing is it to be without the weight of karmic baggage! With this levity, you can aim your arrow and commit fully to the follow through. Smile through it all, your optimism amidst change is infectious.


Emotions are running high this June for you, as you feel through the fluidity of our collective human experience during this pivotal time in history. Eclipse season brings an emphasis on home and family (including your chosen family). Is there someone close to you who needs your support? Knowing when to give and when to receive is a superpower, since your empathic nature also needs its alone time to refuel. With Jupiter in your first house, others are noticing you in a big way this month. Your traits of kindness, creativity and compassion won’t be taken for granted, rather, the attributes that attract more positive attention. Allow your life to be a work of art that leads by example. Teaching the collective that the path forward is often cyclical, feeling into aligned decisions rather than relying too heavily on the monkey brain.

About Fiona Hillery:

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