What Black Moon Lilith Moving Into Gemini Means for July’s Astrology

Monthly Overview

Coming out of Mercury retrograde shadow period and eclipse season. Many of us underwent massive changes in identity, career, relationships, homes. Our July horoscope starts watery and empathic yet playful, allowing us to process our feelings without drowning in them. It’s a favorable time to turn catharsis into creative expression, with venus and mars in Leo. Mercury in Gemini says, write it, speak it, or perform it to transmute heavy emotions.

The July 4th holiday weekend could bring up wounds around family or authority figures, with Sun in Cancer square Chiron in Aries. Mars, the warrior planet, is also square impetuous Uranus. This tension means petty ego-based disagreements could easily turn into full-blown conflict, with everyone acting out their wounded inner child. It’s not a bad idea to have a game plan ready to navigate historically tricky relationship dynamics. And be careful handling at-home fireworks, especially cardinal signs!

On the romantic front, mark July 13th as one of the hottest days for singles. Venus in Leo lies conjunct Mars, enhancing passion for the collective. If hot girl summer has been treating you super well, July 22nd may ask you to make a decision between lovers as Venus in Virgo opposes Jupiter in Pisces. Many flings may look to DTR, while others will happily keep playing the field. Be on the lookout for ‘obsessive’ tendencies in casual relationships, as Lilith Jupiter transits could expose some intense or codependent behaviors that would otherwise be masked.

Speaking of Lilith, the archetypical wild woman archetype, represented by the moon’s black point, moves into the sign of Gemini on July 18. Lilith is known for breaking rules, pushing boundaries of convention, exploring taboos, and being unapologetically liberated sexually. In a lower form, Lilith stops at nothing to get the object of her desire. In Gemini, Lilith may influence the collective’s desire to learn and be more accepting of formerly taboo subjects, like declassified governmental UFO research, but it can also exploit obsessive conspiracies.

For a more detailed personal scope, check your sun and rising sign below. This monthly astrology transmission was written by Fiona Hillery. Follow her astrological and esoteric musings on Instagram and direct message her for 15% OFF personal readings using code CADA.


This month is all about coming back to your sense of childlike wonder in the world. You’ve been slaying it the past few months, pioneering empathic leadership through challenging waters, and now it’s time for a break. Though you’ll have a heavy social schedule, keep an eye on excessive partying and compulsive behavior, with Neptune retrograde in your 12th. You may find that spending time around children, pets and playful environments is the Cancer season soul medicine for you, Ram. Slow down and prioritize activities that fill you with delight. What made your heart sing when you were five? Do more of that!


What does freedom of expression mean for you, Aquarius? It’s likely that your progressive, big picture and visionary ideas haven’t always been received well by small minds. It’s vital you learn not to hold back your full expression, which is exactly what the beginning of this month is all about. The more unconventional and creative, the better! Original expression in the office has the opportunity to bring abundance around July 12 when Mercury trines Jupiter in your 2nd house. 


The spotlight has been brightly shining on you, Leo, specifically in social outings and parties! Cancer season brings an invitation to chill out and bring longevity to the party. Spa days and cinema dates are a pro-pro for the Sun transiting your 12th house. There’s also plenty of opportunity for passionate romances and getting to know someone special more intimately, specifically around the Aquarius full moon on July 24. On the work front, spend time perfecting your craft or project on July 8th, being open to collaborative input from co-creators. Your creative magnetism will be in full force by July 28 when Mercury moves into Leo, bringing potency to any projects shared with the world!


Happy birthday, Crab! Time to break out the nostalgic photos, throw on a record and surround yourself with loved ones ready to dote on you with delicious home-cooked dinners. Watch out for comparisons and putting too much pressure on yourself around July 4th. The new moon in your sign on the 10th supports manifesting new beginnings around how you show up in the world. Any seeds planted this evening see a boost of luck between July 12 – 15, as luck, expansion, and inspiration come for your career and public image. With your intuition at an all-time high, this month is hot and fertile for manifesting your best solar return yet.


Do you feel yourself reborn post-eclipse season in your sign, Gemini? Whatever epiphanies transpired during June have a chance to flow into prosperity this month. Communication and connection are your superpowers, so don’t shy away from sharing announcements and new ideas with others. July 4th is an especially important time for your relationships and support from your social circle. On July 18, black moon Lilith enters your sign for ten months, supporting your embodiment of the wild woman archetype. You may find yourself feeling more confident in your sexuality and comfortable showing off your body. Lilith also brings potential for makeovers with an edge, pushing you to be daring with your looks!


Eclipse season may have brought even more changes to the foundation of your life, Taurus. This year’s soul school lesson is teaching your sign that stability isn’t just external benchmarks. It’s the steadfast inner compass you fine-tune inside yourself, comprised of your values, passions, and self-worth. July encourages you to communicate your feels to your close circle, with Cancer expressing itself through your 3rd house. Intimate gatherings and backyard hangs may be more appealing than large crowds, and that’s ok! Unexpected news or messages around the 20th will make sure you’re in a good mood in the back half of the month. 


Following an eclipse season bringing bold career moves, the Virgo is ready for networking and letting loose among friends in July. On the 1st, Saturn may create blocks to your ‘to-do’ list and force you to recoup your energy. Productivity can look like relaxing and re-connecting with relationships. Right now there’s a boost of nostalgia and inspiration coming through for 1×1 connections and romance. Making new memories, instead of rehashing old ones over zoom dates, is the move. On the 22nd, there could be a steamy encounter with someone who isn’t your usual ‘type.’ Or, if you’re dating someone, a scenario that pushes your edges. Try not to overanalyze it, and instead see how this situation feels in your body. It might be hot!


You’re finding yourself in high demand this month, Libra! Whether playing host or town socialite, your abandoned pre-quarantine wardrobe is about to get a workout back in the world. The new moon on the 10th brings inspiration around career. It’s a great time to express fresh ideas, especially around team building and creativity. Your ability to toe the line of professionalism while developing personal relationships at work is key to unlocking new opportunities.


Your mind may be ready for vacation this month, but work will be vying for your attention! July 7th could exacerbate an imbalance between your professional and personal life. Pay attention to how your energy allocation is impacting close relationships and make adjustments to achieve more balance. Networking and finding ways to socialize while pursuing your goals could be the solution. If you’re single, keep an eye on sexual tension within your social group, as someone salacious may desire to move out of the friend zone the week of July 22.


It’s partnership season for you, Cappy! You are a magnet for attracting counterparts to support your goals during Cancer season. Though, if you’re already coupled, there may need to be compromises over money or resources around the 7th. On July 22nd, Lilith moving into your house of health could bring a desire to learn or experiment with biohacking and alternative wellness practices. Breaking with tradition in pursuit of optimized physical performance is a positive Lilith placement for the next 9 months. The only warning is not to obsess over calories or restrict dietary meals, as Lilith can trigger these tendencies for some charts. You are already born perfection.


You’re through the fire now and able to see the bigger picture of why last month was so chaotic. Relationships are evolving for you, and some may have fallen to the eclipses. But the ones that remain in your life are providing intimacy and support to your growth. You don’t have time for superficialities in July, only souls lifting you to your highest purpose. Speaking of…. Around the 28th, you’re likely to encounter individuals who can help your career. Put yourself out there and work your passions!


We’re swimming in some deep feels this Cancer season, amplified by Jupiter’s retrograde in your 1st house of body. The good news is your intuitive perception is peaking right now, with your body’s cues acting as a compass to how you should show up in the world. The challenge is that your heightened sensitivity may ask you to take it slow with re-entering the world of high stimuli, especially if you have any tendencies toward escapism. This is an incredible month for pursuing hobbies, working on creative projects, dancing, and spending time with children. One on one dates with high vibe partners are also coming in hot the week of July 13, showing by example you can have it all while still protecting your energy!

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