August is getting serious about our personal passions and romantic life, with an end of a month reality check

Monthly Overview

Our August horoscope blasts off with fixed fire fueling our creative ideas and passions, as Leo shines on the sun and Mercury. With Mars and Venus in routine-oriented Virgo, there’s an emphasis on putting in ‘the work’ to bring our heart-centered desires into form. Four outer planets and Chiron are also in retrograde, emphasizing a slowing down and grounding our bold endeavors into a step-by-step plan.

As Jupiter moves backward into the sign of Aquarius, there’s an ideological emphasis, or rather a debate, around what’s truly best for the collective. Though there’s optimism in the air, there may be some hard facts buzzkill hot gal summer when Mercury moves into Virgo on August 11. Data, statistics, and reporting undergo scrutiny amidst collective confusion, especially on the 13th as the planet of communication squares black moon Lilith. The path forward is in using discernment, attention to lost detail, and understanding of nuance. There may be a change of course in action announced to counteract Delta variant’s spread over the first week of August as authorities continue analyzing information.

The new moon on August 8th plants seeds for fresh beginnings in romance, creativity, passion, children, and the arts. The fixed sign T-Square between Uranus, Saturn, and the Sun invites you to step outside of the status quo and refuse to be boxed into one narrow definition of self. You are revolutionary! Manifestation rituals around love and money are extra potent at this time with Venus trine Pluto. Vision board and move rhythmically to your own abunDANCE flow to call the energy into being.

The second full moon in Aquarius on August 22nd revisits a story that began on July 23rd around how we understand our purpose within the larger story unfolding. How our unique gifts can help humanity move forward into an equal, utopian existence for man and planet alike. There’s an emphasis on health, and perhaps confusion in the air, with skepticism around the concept of truth. Lilith and north node conjunct in Gemini exacerbate any hidden information that needs to be revealed for us to continue evolving. Keep an eye on conflicting news headlines and announcements on this date.

On a personal note, the Full Moon’s Gand trine in the air between Lilith, the North Node, Jupiter, and Venus illuminate the like-minded connections here to help support your dreams. Communication and information sharing, especially any repressed ideas or feelings, is encouraged on this day. Romantically, the full moon supports long-term partnerships and serious dating.

Enjoy this final evening of fun-loving fire play, as the energy shifts ‘back to business’ when the sun moves into Virgo at midnight. An emphasis on dedicated physical practice, recalibrating, and getting organized is enhanced during the last week of the month. Perhaps, treating yourself to a weekend getaway somewhere immersed in nature!

For a more detailed personal scope, check your sun and rising sign below. This monthly astrology transmission was written by Fiona Hillery. Follow her astrological and esoteric musings on Instagram and direct message her for 15% OFF personal readings using code CADA.


Leo Season falls into your 5th house of play and creativity, though with Venus and Mars in Virgo, your energy is ready to chip away at work or a passion project. It’s a potent time for grounding your vision into reality, and you’ve always been a master of ‘work hard, play hard’ anyway! Just be sure to clear time for romance the evening of August 8th’s for the new moon. Whether single or in a relationship, the fixed fire stellium is hot for renewed rapture!


This is a big month for you Aqua! You’ve done so much work around self this year, and this month is all about attracting a high-vibe, creative counterpart to light the fire to your fixed air. If no one special is in your orbit, August 8th’s full moon in your 7th house is the perfect time to vision board, journal, and manifest your ideal co-star. Someone who gets, encourages, and adds creative fire to your big ideas to save the world. The full moon on August 22nd will illuminate how the universe is asking you to step up and share more of yourself with the world. Answer whatever the calling is with a fu** yes! 2021 is not the time for Aquas to get camera shy or space out on opportunities!


Happy Birthday, month, Leo dearest! You’re in a period of renewed spirit and personal expression for the first weeks of August. And you have a lot to celebrate, given that this year has tested your resolve and closest relationships, with disciplinarian Saturn opposing your normally fun-loving sign. All the work you’ve done pays off on August 8th as support comes in for your personal expression, social life, and sense of vitality. Though, you’re being asked to be selective about who gets access to your light, as close partnerships continue to be reviewed by Saturnian transits. It’s also a time where you’re encouraged to seek partnership with those who complement your talents. A real queen knows when to share her crown!


After a playful and perhaps at times emotional July, there’s a fresh energy in the air supporting asserting your ideas into the world. August 8th’s new moon could water seeds for new projects or revenue streams that make your bank account very happy. Expressing yourself could also result in others investing in YOU, especially around the full moon on August 22nd! Clearly, August is time to hit it hard, working your passion, but any sacrifice to socializing will reap huge rewards.


Lilith making her rounds through your sign for the next 9 months pulls you into dealing with your own inner wild woman archetype. The rebel, the unapologetic, the one who isn’t afraid to show off her body and be sensually open. It’s a great time to speak your truth, especially if you’ve been holding it in while going through major transitions. Around August 21, there’s fated communication coming in from a lover or creative collaborator. The invitation is to get out of your head, into your body, and respond according to how you feel!


August begins with an emphasis on home and bringing beauty, entertainment, and art into your personal oasis. It’s a great time for hosting others within the security and comfort of your space, especially with so much confusion around the delta variant on the rise. The full moon in Aquarius on August 22nd illuminates a shift in the way you engage with the public. An idea or revelation at the end of July is revisited, and your path forward with career or public expression becomes more clear.


There’s nostalgia in the air for you as we meet the mid-summer solstice and the autumnal equinox in August. On a subconscious level, you’re reviewing the past 6 months and organizing your thoughts to be one-step ahead of the Q4 harvest. August 8th is a great time to journal, goal set, and manifest your dreams for the next 6 months ahead. The end of the month full moon in Aquarius may bring shifts to your work day-to-day, so use this month to relax and zoom out to see the bigger vision before sprinting into busy mode.


Get ahead of work at the top of the month because come August 16 you’ll be in high demand, especially romantically, as Venus moves into your sign! There’s an opportunity this month to date outside your usual ‘type,’ perhaps someone from a different culture or location that expands your worldliness. The August 22nd full moon in Aquarius falls into your house of romance and creativity. Embody your inner Aphrodite and release your passion into form, leaving logistics of living for another day.


Your attention is likely spent dealing with matters outside yourself this month, Scorpio. It’s not a time to be introverted. Instead, to own your leadership qualities and make executive decisions at work. The August 8th new moon in Leo falls in your 10th house of legacy. What does that mean to you beyond a job title? Do you feel the passion in what you’re offering to the world? Now is the time to manifest more for yourself, as you’re incredibly magnetic at the moment. You do have to balance these ambitions with revelations that come up around home and family, especially around August 22.


What does intimacy mean to you, Cap? Astrologically, Leo moving through your 8th house talks about merging souls, vulnerable emotions, sex, and financial accounts. If you’re dating, you may find yourself having conversations about going ‘there’ with a lover around August 8th, though it challenges your desire to be in control. Leave power dynamic games for the bedroom, and leave it all on the line! Your heart will thank you. Finances are top of mind around August 22nd’s full moon, so wait to launch or expand your portfolio until after this date for the best returns.


There’s a strong likelihood that you’re restless to Jetset this month, as inspiration finds itself away from home. Take a look at your astrocartography and plan a trip on your Venus line! If finances and work don’t support spontaneous flights, your intentional escapism from life’s mundane can be found in expanding your knowledge and your book collection. August 13th-15th may bring communication with an important player who can advance your career. Make sure your inbox isn’t cluttered!


After a fun-filled start to summer, there may be a slowing down energetically that wants to keep August chill for you. With Venus and Mars in your 7th house, there’s an emphasis on quality one-on-one time with friends and lovers rather than large group settings. Watch out for repressed emotional issues and family dynamics bubbling to the surface, especially around August 10th. The Aquarius full moon on August 22nd is especially psychic for you, so make time for ritual and tuning into your higher self to answer any up-in-the-air situations in your life.

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