September is recalibrating to center ourselves amidst friction with authority figures

September Horoscope Overview

Happy Harvest season, dear CADA family! Hardworking and routine-oriented Virgo sun encourages us to find organization wherever our lives may feel scattered at this moment. The September 6th’s new moon is a fantastic time to set short-term goals around health, financial management, nutrition, and work projects. 

There’s an emphasis on partnerships that crescendos on September 22 during the Autumnal equinox. This month illuminates who is still aligned with our lifestyle and ethos, emerging from the past 18 months of collective evolution. Relationships that are morally mismatched may fall away this month, leaving spaciousness for new supportive connections to take their place.

On September 27th Mercury moves retrograde in the Libra ‘mediator’ sign, encouraging us to find truthful middle ground and nuance when scrutinizing information and media headlines. In our polarized political environment, it may seem impossible to find compromise, but that’s the goal at the present time. Overall, there is a sense of moral righteousness to ‘do the right thing.’ And yet, there may not be clear communication about how to accomplish that.

September Horoscope: Business and Society

We enter the month in a highly productive rhythm energetically, thanks to Mars in Virgo. New partnership opportunities and strategic alliances can flourish at this time. Though, be wary of conflicts with authority figures around the 6th and the 17th. Tensions are extra likely to boil over, especially for Cardinal signs.

This is true for both professional and personal relations, as friction with authority figures is exploited with Pluto’s T-Square to asteroid Eris and Venus. Tempers have been hot since mid August, as we see shifts in power play out on a global stage under this war-like influence.

Around September 22nd we may hear communication from the powers that be indicating a shift in strategy around the pandemic. Watch for fluctuations in the market during this time, as Venus opposes Uranus and Squares Saturn. Optimism is still in the air, but we’re likely receiving information from international sources forcing our hand.

September Horoscope: Relationships

The September 6th new moon brings tension around relationships that may be enduring a ‘make it or break it’ moment. Summer flings may take a turn for the more serious at this time, with DTR conversations ripe, especially for air signs. Overall, passions will be intensified, which can either lead to a hot Labor Day or impetuous, fiery endings.

Effort to maintain an equilibrium in your own emotional state will be supported with Mercury in Libra. Practice seeing both sides of a situation, discerning the truthful middle ground. Deep, soothing breaths!

On September 10th Venus moves into the sign of Scorpio, intensifying deep feelings and attachments. This can bring further intimacy into play with connections, while also exploiting shadow behavior to unhealed codependent, jealous or obsessive dynamics. Watch for controlling behavior around the 17th and remember love should always feel like freedom.

For a more detailed personal scope, check your sun and rising sign below. This monthly astrology transmission was written by Fiona Hillery. Follow her astrological and esoteric musings on Instagram and direct message her for 15% OFF personal readings using code CADA.


Feeling friction on the work front, Ram? Your passion is usually unmatched, but there may be a superior bringing ego battles your way right now. You can thank the war-like asteroid Eris square Pluto in your career house for this energy! The lesson is knowing when to pick your battles, and when to form power-couple strategic alliances to go further in collaboration. Strategic thinking over impulsive behavior is the route this month, working out any fiery temperament at the gym. The 29th is an auspicious day for spiritual connection.


Itching for a getaway, Aqua? Take your time planning somewhere that holds inspirational value, as well as the R&R. The expansiveness of new environments is a philosophical experience for you. What kind of energy do you want to cultivate more of, and what culture embodies this? Take action before the 27th when Mercury moves into retrograde and plans become wonky!


With your mind on your money, your communication prowess and connections have the power to open doors to new revenue streams for you this month. You’re well aware of your self worth, and August illuminated where adjustments can make room for the new. Now it’s time to take action, strategically! You don’t have to go at it alone. Who are the best professional co-stars to your career storyline? September 6th’s new moon calls in these connections. Be ready to roll with unexpected news around the 23rd!


It’s time to shoot your shot, Crab! Emotionally charged communication can lead to new levels of intimacy in the first week of September. Secret crushes, repressed feelings and DTR convos can come to forefront of convo now. Get it out and in the open before Mercury goes retrograde on September 27!


This month begins with an emphasis on home and family for you, Gem. After a super social summer it may feel natural to ‘nest’ and shift your attention to domestic matters. Black moon lilith conjunct Ceres invites you to caretake for yourself, instead of scattering your energy so much to others. Come Libra season, writing, reading, dancing and all forms of creative, playful self care are supported with Venus and Mars in your 5th house. Let those beautiful ideas in your brain find their way into form.


After a summer of plot twists in your life’s movie, September will bring you welcome progress around personal and professional relationships. September 6th is potent for manifesting more romance, pleasure and creativity in your life. Embrace your sensual nature and search for new experiences in the outdoors! September 23rd-29th may see unexpected encounters or opportunities in love. Spontaneity is the remedy for stagnancy, so say yes to whatever shows up for you!


Happy birthday month, Virgo. Tis the season for harvesting all the success you’ve worked so diligently toward this year. Though Neptune has been testing your sense of clarity, this is a great time to take stock of how your life feels in the day-to-day. Are you enjoying the small moments and also feeling connected to a higher purpose? Any confusion around “what’s next” can be satiated by knowing you are right on time. You are learning to define success emotionally, in addition to tangible accolades. The 6th and the 29th are great days to connect to your bigger “why” and dream big for your next year.


Slow it down, Libra! There’s no shortage of invites coming your way in September but Virgo season falls in your 12th house of introspection, dreaming and rejuvenation. Spa date anyone? The 6th could bring drama for some Libras, particularly around family or authority figures. Keep your cool-headed exterior and remove yourself from being the ‘middle person’ if it’s not your battle to fight. The end of the month sees opportunity for solidifying a creative idea or romance into long-term success.


Networking season looks a little different in 2021, but nonetheless, you are on fire professionally and in high demand this September. Maximize opportunities to share your dreams with others and trust in the potency of your vision! Venus moving into your sign on the 10th brings extra magnetism for attracting new business partners, romantic connections and financial opportunities. Though, keep an eye on the week of September 23rd for unexpected plot twists or secrets revealed.


What does intimacy mean to you, Cap? Astrologically, Leo moving through your 8th house talks about merging souls, vulnerable emotions, sex, and financial accounts. If you’re dating, you may find yourself having conversations about going ‘there’ with a lover around August 8th, though it challenges your desire to be in control. Leave power dynamic games for the bedroom, and leave it all on the line! Your heart will thank you. Finances are top of mind around August 22nd’s full moon, so wait to launch or expand your portfolio until after this date for the best returns.


Your public life is getting a boost of attention. It’s time to update your online presence with a rebrand that does all your vivaciousness justice! You may attract a rebellious, baddie suitor this month who has a secret soft side. Spend time getting to know new lovers in private before introducing them to your exciting, whirlwind friend group and social life. And mark the 26th for a try-anything-once bedroom encounter!


Of all the signs, you’re the one best poised to shack up with someone special in September. Virgo in your house of partnerships brings opportunities to “nest” with a new connection around the new moon on the 6th. Think of this month as a testing ground and enjoy the ride, but wait to DTR unit after September 20th. The full moon in your sign will illuminate any illusions or fantasies, leaving you with the truth to move with.

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