January 2022 asked us to hold a beat on the “new year, new you” platitudes and make room for reflection, revision, and re-evaluation. While some could call this a “false start,” the slow entry due to a double Venus and Mercury retrograde served a valuable purpose in clearing out our karmic closet, specifically around relationships and finances. Any habits and misaligned relationships were released or transformed this month to ensure we ascend without baggage for the rest of the year. The number of breakups was unparalleled, as we saw in celebrity culture tabloids! Here is what the US pluto return could mean for finances in February, plus your monthly horoscope! 

What the US Pluto Return Could Mean For Finances in February

In February, all planets will be moving forward in the sky, creating energetic momentum around any projects launching this month. The Aquarius new moon on the 1st is an especially auspicious time to plant seeds of future manifestation. With the Sun, Moon, and Saturn conjunct, it’s not enough to wishfully think. This energy encourages us to clarify how hard you’re willing to work for your academic life.

Jupiter in Pisces brings inspired thought, while Saturn in Aquarius asks us not to skip steps while building our utopia. Saturn rewards success only after taking responsibility and ownership around your karma as planetary energy. February is a full time to ‘work your dream’ and fast-track the fruits of your labor into reality with clear eyes and accountability.

The new moon also carries a Uranus Trine Venus jolt of electricity to love and finances. This energy favors different, unconventional approaches to success and trying new revenue streams. We’re energetically reminding ourselves that love is freedom. Remembering your independence within the union is sexy, and you’ll never thirst for novelty outside your relationship if you allow space for reinvention within the container of commitment. Couples can work with this energy by thinking outside the box for Valentine’s Day, planning spontaneous dates that break conventional routines.

The full moon in Leo on February 16th is especially potent for romance and intimacy. Venus and Mars will be nestled on top of each other, aligning our libido with love. There’s an emphasis on allowing yourself to be fully authentic with another, trusting that another can admire even your most ‘oddball’ tendencies. The Aquarius and Leo lunar axis say, let your freak flag fly proudly! This moon is auspicious for sharing secrets with your partner. With Mercury conjunct to Pluto, connecting on a deeper mental level is triggered. Sapiosexual delight can be felt around Valentine’s Day as well. Singles have a strong chance of hearing from a fundamental connection the entire week, especially Cardinal signs.

This month’s most noteworthy occurrence is the United States’ highly anticipated Pluto Return. We have felt this energy energetically for a year, but this peaks on February 22nd, 2022. A Pluto Return is when Pluto reaches the exact point on a birth chart. Because it takes over 250 years for Pluto to cycle through the zodiacal wheel, humans never experience a Pluto Return. The invitation with this cycle is one of profound transformation, death/rebirth, specifically regarding our values and financial systems, since Pluto resides in the 2nd house.

With the US birth chart, Pluto in Capricorn natally opposes Mercury in Cancer, indicating that this activation may come with an important announcement from our authorities regarding debt. President Biden is experiencing a South Node transit conjunct his Scorpio Stellium and Chiron Square Lilith during this time. There is a possibility for confidential information to releasing around finances. There may also be family drama that makes its way into headlines.

What does this mean for bitcoin? I wouldn’t bank on an upswing this month as Jupiter in Pisces continues through May. Hold until Jupiter transits to Aries!

Peep your sun or rising sign below to find out what’s in store for love and business in February. For a deeper dive into your astrology forecast, DM our resident astrologer Fiona Hillery on Instagram @fiona.hillery for a CADA discounted session using our code: CADA15!


February 2022 Horoscope


What have the past two months brought up for you about your career and public image? You may be considering a transition in your job, and now is the best time to start your search or have an essential conversation with your boss. With Mercury, Pluto, Venus, and Mars direct in your 10th house of professional image, there’s momentum around a rebrand and resume revamp. Watch for fated communication on the 11th that changes your professional game. Romantically, Pisces season brings the opportunity for a romance that feels dreamy on February 24.


The north node of fate is officially stationing in your sign, and for the next 18 months, fated events are transpiring to support your spiritual growth. Specifically, your full expression of self, independence, leadership, and ability to ground higher societal values are affected. The new moon in Aquarius on February 1st asks you to get clear on what you’d like to manifest into your professional reality. What’s your highest vision for your purpose here on earth? Think outside the box of standard convention and follow those intuitive hits Uranus has been blessing you!  By the full moon on February 16th, you may be making decisions about home vs. career. There could be plot twists arriving on the 25th, so be prepared to adapt quickly.


Did you take time during Venus retrograde to balance your books, Gem? With Venus retrograde over, your 8th house of shared assets and investments is now due to some attention. It’s a great time to strategize financially and clear up co-ownership situations. This month Jupiter continues to move through your 10th house, encouraging you to bring your truth forward. Always having a way with words, there’s potential for you to create revenue streams by sharing more of yourself with the world, especially on the 11th. Romantically the 16th provides opportunities for you to meet someone who ignites a sapiosexual, intimate spark. Couples have a chance to bring their intimacy even more profound at this time.


Has your love life been a roller coaster the past six weeks? You can thank the retrogrades falling into your 7th house of committed partnerships! It’s finally February, and the sky is in forwarding motion, encouraging you to move full steam ahead on business and personal relationships that have endured this celestial test. Watch out for ego battles in the workplace around the 6th. There may be an opportunity for a long-distance love this month. If you’re single, expand your search range outside your local radius! If you’re coupled, acknowledge the adage “absence makes the heart grow fonder.”


Aquarius season is a big month for Leos placemats! There’s been a particular emphasis on your work situation in January, specifically who your aligned collaborators and coworkers are. In February, it’s time to take action on the professional decisions you’ve made. Who is capable and worthy of sharing the spotlight with your radiant self? The full moon on the 16th illuminates an opportunity to share the spotlight with others. Plot twist, the main character energy everyone’s talking about amplifies THAT much further with a stellar ensemble cast. Gather your creative crew and get aligned to make some magic!


And the rising sign most likely to have a sexy Valentine’s Day goes to, The Virgos of the zodiac! There’s a flurry of forwarding motion in your creative, sexual 5th house and a boost of positivity to all partnerships. If you’re single, it’s unlikely you’ll be for long! The key here? Get out of your head and into your sacral. Professionally, it’s an excellent time for creative projects, especially if they involve communication, writing, teaching, or sharing wisdom. Watch for health around the 16th.


Your professional day-to-day is getting supercharged this month, with Jupiter transiting your 6th house. Projects you’re working on may provide an opportunity for long-term investment or the potential to “get into bed” figuratively with someone else’s finances. It’s also a joyous time to look for a new home or to invest in your home. Romantically, singles and couples alike should enjoy a passionate full moon in Leo on the 16th. Un-partnered Libras may find themselves in a situation-ship with a “friend” that provides plenty of sensual benefits!


Are you ready for your most significant transformation yet, Scorpio? The south node of Karmic Release has begun its 18-month journey through your sign, signaling the phoenix to rise. Though ego parts of yourself will undoubtedly transform, the universe is gifting you with destiny partners to offset egoic discomfort. Mentors, long-term lovers, business associates, and close friends are here to support your transition if you can find the vulnerability to open up to them. The February 1st new moon invites you to revamp your home, so it becomes your haven of security, your chrysalis. On the 15th, there may be a triggering situation that forces adjustments. Learn to radically say yes to the changes afloat now, with trust that the bigger plan is always for your betterment.


Hear that? It’s the sweet silence that follows an 18 month whirlwind of karmic lessons finally passing. Phew, was that an intense year and a half!  You are undoubtedly full of wisdom and ready to share it, which the New Moon in Aquarius encourages you to do. Your gift is learning from experience out in the world, then communicating your findings. This is the perfect time to step into the teacher role, even if you’re still a student. The 16th encourages you to take action on a financial lead or new revenue stream. You’re a money magnet this month so don’t short sell yourself!


A lot of activity directs itself towards you, Capricorn! Do you need a break from holding it all together for everyone? Allow yourself to say no to social gatherings, as a new season of discernment is descending around your social life. Financially, you may be feeling a bit frugal as well. So the real question is, who and what sparks joy and love in your heart? Follow those energetic leads! You’re encouraged to go after what you want this Valentine’s Day, especially for uncoupled Caps. You are on fire with magnetism, and the Mars-Venus conjunction says you’re likely to have a hot night at the very least.


Happy Birthday, you beautiful, quirky, evolved, and independent spirit! This Aqua season is relatively more severe than usual, as Saturn continues his two-year transit through your sign. Take a moment to pat yourself on the back for leveling up karmically the past year, especially as Saturn bestowed on you a tremendous amount of responsibility. February 1st is a vital time to take stock of your blessings and your lessons, setting intention ahead of the next 12 months of hard work. The 4th marks a day where leadership will be required of you, but you’re well received with Mercury direct! Luckily, the 11th provides some welcome reprieve and time to let loose, remembering you’re still a human being, not just a human doing.


2022 is a year of possibility for the Pisces! And though it may have gotten off to a shaky start with retrograde season, February is when doors start to open for our fish to explore new seas. Your persona is getting an abundance of attention now, so what do you plan to do with this gift? It’s a great time to date, step up at work, step into a new position and release your passion project. The 4th, 23rd, and 24th are wildly inspired days for personal endeavors of all kinds.

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