As I was analyzing the aspects, planets, and degrees, there were plenty of clear indications of a fresh start for many of us. A fresh start with who we are; if we’ve been going through a hard time mentally, consider this an opportunity to start new with who you desire to be in this life. Now is your time to embody and shift; the planets are in your favor with this. Expect a new you after the Lunar energy settles in the next few weeks. If there has been a lot of reflection and awareness introduced to you in the past few months, now would be the time to get very clear about what you want in your life in the next few months. Maybe that means a new career, relationship, friendship, or simply for you to embody more of who you wish to be in this lifetime.

The Lunar Eclipse will begin on May 15th from 6:30 pm to 11:50 pm PST. This would be May 15th from 9:30 pm to May 16th at 2:50 pm EST.

Before we get into the details, listen to your body and intuition as you read.

Our body has a beautiful way of revealing what aligns with us; there very well could be some aspect or placement that’ll align with what’s to come for you. Upon my research, I found that there will be a wave of reflection and transformation in our relationships. The Moon will be in the 7th house, which rules relationships and marriage. This placement will create energy highly focused on what needs to change within and connection in our life. If you’re manifesting a new relationship, get clear about why you want that relationship and what you desire in a partner. 

You may experience deeper communication and closeness if you’re in a relationship. It is very important to reflect on this area of your life, whether you’re single or not. The Moon urges you to take the time to reflect on the relationships in your life and how they have affected you, good or bad. What parts of yourself did you grow away from outside of these divine connections? Did you find yourself or lose yourself?

Vivid dreams may come through that spark an emotional trigger in you, a subconscious belief that is resurfacing to be faced. Our emotions will most likely be extra sensitive during the time of the Lunar Eclipse. It’s important to give yourself patience and listen to your body during the intense emotions that may arise. If you feel drawn to sweat out the stagnant energy in the gym, that is beautiful, and you should honor that. If rest and bubble baths are the only things you have the energy for, please be kind to yourself and know that is enough. Our emotions are gateways to the hidden parts of ourselves just waiting to be heard and integrated. Expect a lot of growth and transformation during this time. If something has been worrying you for some time, clarity is bound to come during this energy shift.

Mars will be in Pisces, and Uranus will be in Taurus, which shows me that we need to move slowly during this time and find what brings us comfort and stability. Mars in Pisces can influence a flow of creative ideas and artistic expression. Mars will be in the 11th house as well, which indicates you may find many of these ideas through other people or even meet new people who happen to be more like platonic soulmates. Something else I noticed that feels important to share is the aspect of Mars in conjunction with Neptune. An intense spiritual energy in the air will influence our actions and reactions during the Lunar Eclipse; spiritual connections, spiritual awakenings, and personal spiritual alignment.

Pluto in the 10th in the 28° reveals a wave of reflection, healing, and moving forward from family and generational trauma. Sounds pretty dark, but it doesn’t have to be; it’s all about perspective, and being able to look at the past as an opportunity to learn so you can create a better future is how we can find peace within. Ask yourself, “If I had to rewrite my story, how would it look?” Find your sense of home and safety; your intuition will be guiding you to do so.

North Node will be in the 1st house at the 22° along with the South Node divinely placed in the 7th house. These placements scream healing from past karmic relationships. An ex may be coming back to trigger you once again to help influence awareness and growth. North Node represents our destiny in life. With this placement in the 1st house, there will be an intense illumination on many questions.

Who did you become outside of the influences of those currently and previously in your life? Do you like who you are? If not, what would you change, and what is stopping you from embodying that change?

Last, the Sun will be in strong opposition with the Lunar Eclipse at 0°! This is huge; I wish you could’ve seen my face when I found this aspect. The 0° represents starting a new, fresh, clean slate. There will be big bright moonlight shining on the awareness of the self and the pull we feel towards the life we deeply desire for ourselves. Listen purposely to your intuition and honor the emotions you feel. Be clear about what you want to manifest, and don’t hold back. The universe is working in your favor to make your dreams happen.

A Song that Represents this Eclipse Season

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Key Topics for Signs During Eclipse season

This eclipse season will mostly affect the Fixed signs; Taurus, Aquarius, Leo, and Scorpio.


  • Finances
  • Creating stability
  • New business
  • Look for opportunities, build skills
  • Let go of relying on others


  • Change in private life
  • Release of anything negatively affecting long term goals
  • Letting go of a job or hobbies


  • Career changes, promotions
  • Psychological patterns
  • Letting go of a family member


  • Support from others
  • Limited resources
  • Self-worth
  • Ending self-destructive behaviors


  • Habits and schedule
  • Healthier changes
  • Change in responsibilities
  • Letting go of unhealthy, addictive-like tendencies


  • Home changes or moving
  • Change of surroundings
  • Investing in your space
  • Rediscovering what you want
  • Letting go of a certain path or expectation someone set for you


  • Choosing and trusting yourself
  • Dealing with pressures
  • Making sudden or intense changes
  • Releasing connections


  • Grounding connections or friendships
  • Sustaining dreams and visions
  • Letting go of situationships


  • Letting go of worries, not caring
  • Focus on bigger priorities
  • Release from social media or anything energy draining


  • Fate or karma
  • Loss of identity
  • New healthy/ stable connections
  • Letting go of the old (relationships, self)


  • Children
  • New romance
  • Letting go of friendships/connections
  • Focuses on inspirations


  • Grounding yourself
  • Connect with your surroundings
  • Inspired by surroundings
  • Letting go of romanticizing life outside of what you already have

We want to thank Jessie Noelker for her contribution to this blog


Jessie is a certified Reiki Practitioner level 2, a tarot card reader, spiritual medium, and creator. 

“I began my spiritual awakening journey with pure curiosity and fascination. I craved the idea of expanding my perception and experiencing synchronized connections. The more I grew spiritually, the stronger the drive became to learn tarot, mediation practices, the law of attraction, psychic abilities, and astral projection.”

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