This Full Moon in Aries is asking us to heal old, deep wounds, bringing attention to one’s self. This full moon is conjunct Chiron, illuminating wounds and insecurities surrounding us and within the subconscious. However, this full moon is asking us what we can do with the wounds and the scars we have. Pay attention to who is around you during this time, they may act as a mirror.

The October 2022 Hunters Moon occurs on Sunday, October 9th.

Key Topics for Signs During Eclipse season

This full moon will mostly affect Aries and Libra signs.


This full moon in Aries lights up your heart as you lean into feeling a brand new fresh start. Lead from your joy when creating your life, and don’t be afraid of leading with might. Think back to life just six months ago. My, how you’ve grown. Your hard work will show.


You’re a leader of groups because you know how to bend. You see every perspective. You see every trend. You know that your causes are well worth the fight and you’re great at recruiting those of like-mind. If community building has been a big dream, look skyward now to reap those sweet seeds


You’ve been growing, expanding, since six months ago and this full moon illuminates the peak of your growth. How have you traveled or opened your mind? What have you studied, written, or designed? This full moon in Aries sheds light on your heart. You’ve trusted the universe while doing your part.


Your ideal kinds of partners are those who take action. They’re clear and they’re driven. They’re hearts beat with passion. Six months ago perhaps you set forth dreams of a partner that would love you, not scorch. It’s equality and balance and sweet give and take. Believe you are worthy of feeling this way.


Creation is something unique to us all. It’s a yearning desire, our own unique call. This full moon in Aries says think back six months, and the seeds you were planting around having fun. Around making magic for the sake of the act. It’s time to acknowledge the fruition of that.


You’re quick and you’re sudden like blazing hot lightening and your flashes of insight are often inspiring. Use these gifts now as this bright and new moon illuminates your wording you’re due to transmute. Speak from the heart to those who surround. Your wisdom is leading us towards new ground.


We all love to gain, hoard and collect but sometimes we need to release and forget. This full moon in Aries illuminates this now. Release and surrender. Let the old take a bow. Rest when you can and kiss the divine. You’re being guided all of the time.


Cancers are known for their sweetness inside but rarely are they discussed for their strides. They’re quite good with money and know what they need. The safer they feel, the more they can be. With this full moon in Aries lighting up your career, what you’ve been building is now coming full sphere.


You’re a passionate lover and you prefer someone direct. Not someone who’s harsh, but someone with depth. Someone who isn’t afraid to expand: to grow as a partner. To learn all they can. This full moon in Aries brings in intimate tides. Are you growing together to create a co-balanced life?


Freedom and structure seem big worlds apart but freedom and structure go together like art. The more that we’re structured the less time to we spend managing and worrying; we have more time to bend. This full moon in Aries says view your routines and set up a system that gives you space to dream.


Aries is warrior and the protector of realms and your inner world is a deep well of wealth. The more that we’re cozy within our own shoes the more likely we are to feel secure on the move. This full moon in Aries says hello to new homes, or hello to cleaning out old outworn zones.


Aries is the energy of taking up space and this brand-new full moon is paving the way. Specifically, it deals with material wealth and the self-worth required to back what you’ve built. It’s one part confidence and another part trust. You’re creating foundations on solid ground, not dust.

We want to thank Megan McCluer for her contribution to this blog

Megan McCluer is a nature-inspired artist and astro poet, writing new moon and full moon poetry for each of the 12 signs. Follow Megan on Instagram and book a photo session with her here.

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