Scorpio is known to keep things spicy, and there’s no expectation with this New Moon and partial Solar Eclipse. New moons are always a time to prepare for new beginnings and changes. During this specific time, we are being asked to let go of emotions, the past, and things we feel strongly about that are better left behind. Prepare for a whirlwind of emotions and hidden secrets.

During this time, do not manifest, but release. Remember that we have six planets in retrograde, Mars moving through Gemini and Venus moving into Virgo. This energy may bring restlessness and confusion to your current state of direction. The Sun in Libra is asking us to find a balance between the mental and physical. Try to be mindful of the astrology forecast during this time and wait until retrograde ends to meet these demands. You will feel these effects for 3 days after the New Moon is at its peak.

The New Moon and partial Solar Eclipse in Scorpio is on October 25th, 2022.

A Song that Represents this Eclipse Season

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Moonscopes by Megan McClure

Libra, Virgo, and Aries are the signs that will be affected the most during this retrograde.


Much too often

we’re afraid of the dark.

Afraid that what surfaces

may send up a spark.

A spark that may grow

into a full-blown fire

and destroy all we’ve known,

or shed light on desires.

But what if we saw this

from a different perspective?

The more honest we are,

the more we’ve introspected.

The more we know ourselves,

the healthier the life…

the lovers, the body,

the heart, and the mind.


Life is delicious

and meant to be lived,

and oh what a shame

to realize what we’ve missed.

Structures are crucial

to create balance in life.

Set some intentions

for what that looks like.

Allocate time

to this and to that.

Stick with it with vigor.

It’s your happiness map.


Having eclipses

so close to your heart

means brand new beginnings

and a clean slate, a fresh start.

To begin again

we must first take our stock.

What’s ours to store

and what’s okay to be lost?

Think home on the inside

and the home where we live.

Changes are coming

but not all old will fit.


The stable Oak tree

has all that it needs.

It’s sunlight, its water.

It has room to breathe.

It’s not under pressure

to do what it craves.

It simply exists

as life paves the way.

You too are worthy

of all you require.

Trust in your abilities

and trust in what’s higher.


You are a stallion

covering the wide and far ground,

and this new moon eclipse

says, “head inward bound.”

Take your attention

toward what’s deep inside.

Where you are growing,

releasing, and tied.

The idea of this moon

is to give time to rest.

To quiet your mindset

for an internal quest.


Scorpio themes

in regard to your work

are life and death,

transformation and birth.

You shed the raw truth

that can be quite profound.

And this new moon eclipse

says own what you’ve found.

Whatever your role

in your public life,

you have a gift,

and you’re ready to shine.


You’re giving and loyal

and you know what you want.

Then why ever settle

for what’s nonchalant?

Over this year

you’ll learn quite a lot

about who you are

and what you are not.

Love is equality

and a mutual heart.

Believe you are worthy.

Set intentions to start.


The way you express

yourself is different from most.

Joy has a weight to it –

it’s not just for show.

A painting is not

just simple strokes.

It’s emotion. It’s human.

It’s more than we know.

Dig into your depths

and create from your soul.

What you shed light on

is good for us all.


We wake up, we live,

we eat, and we sleep,

and we get so accustomed

to “rinse + repeat.”

But what if I told you

that if you open your eyes

you may start to see things

that your mind can’t describe.

Magic is everywhere

should we stop setting limits.

Open your perceptions

to see synchronistics.


The snake is a champion

at shedding its skin.

It slithers and wiggles

and sheds who it’s been.

It doesn’t desire

to take with it, the old.

It leaves it to rest

wherever it’s told.

This new moon eclipse

is a big one for you.

Who you’re becoming

is somebody new.


You are quite capable

of handling it all,

but you’re also quite gifted

finding where others are called.

You have a vision,

a dream, and a life,

that’s calling for builders:

those of like-mind.

Trust in your instincts

to bring in the community.

Let others shine

while creating with unity.


Your grounds are the heavens

and now at this time,

you’re brought back down to earth

to explore new paradigms.

What is this really?

Do I still believe?

How can I open

up what I can’t see?

Can I trust that there’s more

than I’ve known before?

Can I open my heart

to expand and explore?

We want to thank Megan McCluer for her contribution to this blog

Megan McCluer is a nature-inspired artist and Astro poet, writing new moon and full moon poetry for each of the 12 signs. Follow Megan on Instagram and book a photo session with her here.

How are you feeling about this upcoming Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio? Will you be doing any rituals? Let us know on our Instagrams @cada_consult and @cada_culture. Check out blog on the Law of Attraction and keep an eye out for more astrology content!

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