We are about to be met with a total lunar eclipse and full moon in Taurus, are you ready? This Beaver Blood Moon eclipse is a time for clarity and observing what is to come. Lunar eclipses specifically reveal what will help us complete a journey or change in some way. This event also includes the new Mars in Gemini retrograde and the Sun, Venus, and Mercury all in Scorpio.

The Full Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus will be on November 8th, 2022. This energy will still be in effect 3 days after the 8th.

A Song that Represents this Eclipse Season

I Can See // Mac Miller

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Moon 'scope by Megan


The idea of self-worth

comes into play

during this moon

and during these days.

To build solid foundations

means to believe that you can.

Believe that you’re building

on solidity, not sand.

Consider your finances you build on your own

through hard work and the knowing

that what you water will grow.


Earth, darling Gemini,

is calling to you –

as a method for recharge.

As a way to renew.

So often we run

so fast through our lives

that we forget for years

to look up at the sky.

But life is so short

and what a shame it would be

to miss the simplicity of life.

Here’s permission to Be.


The definition of legacy

is what we leave behind:

the desires we have

for this planet of life.

During this year,

it’s a topic for you.

The career you embody,

or what you contribute.

Trust that the gift

you came here to share

is one ever-shifting –

a sharpening spear.


Inside is a garden

we water and grow.

This garden takes time.

It’s steady and slow.

It’s private and sacred

and the visitors are too.

We vet them and know them

before they step even one shoe.

Here is the meaning

of trust in our lives.

We let people in

when the timing is ripe.


You’re often big-picture.

You expand the grand.

Your eyes paint horizons

for places unmanned.

But this full moon in Taurus

says think of routines.

Your health and your wellness.

The sweet little things.

Get clear on the actions

that give you fuel for your fire.

Without proper structure

we’ll burn out and tire.


Maybe you’re moving

or cleaning out stuff.

Maybe you’re looking

at internal ruts.

Maybe there’s stories

stuck deep inside

that keep you from growing,

that hold back your thrive.

The home in our chests

is like the one which we live.

The stronger the roots,

the more we can give.


Darling this moon

highlights your life

and what it is that you want

in order to thrive.

Don’t be afraid

during this year

to ask for your needs

and to be crystal clear.

Those who encourage

the changes you’ll make

are the ones that you want.

Now go make your way.


Cancer your dreams

can be close to home,

but give yourself credit

for your ambitious bone.

You’re tenacious and driven

and you know what you want,

but don’t be afraid

to dream above and beyond.

The more open you are

to what you don’t know

the more people come in

to show you the road.


So much of life

is made of what we can’t see,

and we don’t understand it

so we don’t believe.

But darling this moon

falls in your open zone.

The place of expansion

and leaving your home.

Of exploring the world

and testing your mind.

To be receptive to things

and see what you find.


You’re deep with your love

and not anyone will do.

They must be trusted.

They must be true.

This year is a balance

between what you know you need

and the people who add to

the fruits of those seeds.

It’s water and sunlight,

sweet love and warmth.

It’s co-creating lives.

Equality and heart.


How little do we

express our greatest joys.

“We’re too busy working.

There’s no time for toys.”

But childlike essence

is the heartbeat of life.

Without this connection,

it’s colorless strife.

Rekindle the feelings

of what you reall

Create and go do.

Live and delight.


This full moon in Taurus

says open your eyes

to what is around you

throughout your life.

Try something different

or look at it new.

There’s magic unfolding

with this point of view.

Be on the lookout

for synchronistic meaning.

If we’re too deep in thought,

we’ll miss what is gleaming.

We want to thank Megan McCluer for her contribution to this blog

Megan McCluer is a nature-inspired artist and Astro poet, writing new moon and full moon poetry for each of the 12 signs. Follow Megan on Instagram and book a photo session with her here.

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