The sign Sagittarius is known to be the traveler zodiac sign. This New Moon in Sagittarius will focus on our adventurous side. During this powerful time, challenge yourself to think optimistically; you could tap into your potential by changing your mindset and setting intentions. Sagittarius also represents truth and direct experience. You could benefit from this energy by reflecting on your story, experiences, and where you want to be.

The New Moon in Sagittarius will be happening on November 23, 2022. This energy will still be in effect 3 days after the 8th.

A Song that Represents this Eclipse Season

Spotless Mind // Jhene Aiko

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Moon 'scope by Megan


Aries, you’re a warrior

and you forge your own path

and this new moon in Sag

says it’s time to think vast.

Open your mind

to what you don’t know

and be ever-curious

for what the universe shows.

Truth, it will change

as you evolve.

Be open to expansion,

let fixed perceptions dissolve.


A full moon in Sag

was potent this year.

Think of relationships

and who entered this sphere.

Think of what left

to make all that room.

Think of how much

you’ve grown and you’ve bloomed.

Set some intentions

with your heart in mind

and what you are building

with partners for life.


Joy is a word

we don’t use enough

especially when life

can feel rather tough.

But Leo, you’re born

with an innate gift

of creating and bringing

the sun out to lift:

the spirits of others

and the permission of self.

Set some intentions

to put fear on the shelf.

Express from your core,

and take up some space.

By being yourself,

you make others feel brave.


So often you speak

with the other in mind,

wary of words

and how they unwind.

But on this new moon

Sagittarius asks

that you speak forth your truth.

That you don’t wear a mask.

That you’re open and honest

about the person you are

and what it is that you need

in order to soar.


Let’s take a trip

to June of this year.

My how you’ve grown.

Let’s give you a cheer.

This new moon in Sag

is in a beautiful place.

A place of expansion.

A place of such grace.

Set some intentions

for revamping your style.

For taking up space.

For glow-ups and smiles.


When we venture outside

of our normal lives

we find that there’s wisdom

we’d otherwise hide.

The magic of groups

and what they provide

is a new fresh perspective,

and possibly strides.

Strides in ideas,

or in projects you’ll make.

Go out and be social.

There’s magic in wake.


Taurus and Scorpio

are in for a ride

as the astrology this year

turns relational tides.

This new moon in Sag

isn’t letting up easy,

as it moves through the zone

of sweet intimacy.

Know what you want

and what you deeply need.

Know there are partners

who will nurture those seeds.


being spontaneous

in your day-to-day.

What you can create,

while traveling away.

A digital nomad,

or something with freedom.

Is your day-to-day

in need of some movement?


Your home is a place

where you can express.

It’s the vibe that you like.

It’s the place where you nest.

Maybe you’re moving,

or your home has changed

since June of this year.

What’s not the same?

Set forth intentions

on this new moon

and watch as your dreams

expand in full bloom.


The way you make money

is in some search for freedom,

and this new moon in sag

says give this momentum.

Do you believe you are worthy

of safety on earth?

Do you believe in yourself?

Are you steady and firm?

Do you believe that it’s possible

to expand what you love?

To make your passion sustainable

for an abundant income?


The more that we rest,

the more we can do.

We have more energy

to put towards our truth.

This new moon in Sag

says pave forth a way

towards more peace,

and a more simple way.

Spend time in nature

or get out a pen.

The downloads that come

can come from within.


Your career is an area

that’s getting a boost,

and if you’ve been hiding,

this simply won’t do.

Jupiter comes

with gifts to your life,

and in your career

if you’re willing to shine.

Set some intentions

on this new moon.

What kind of legacy

is ready to bloom?

We want to thank Megan McCluer for her contribution to this blog

Megan McCluer is a nature-inspired artist and Astro poet, writing new moon and full moon poetry for each of the 12 signs. Follow Megan on Instagram and book a photo session with her here.

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