Gemini is represented by the twins because of their versatility. This sign is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication. This Gemini full Moon will align with mars, bringing sexuality and aggression to the forefront. The sun is also opposing the Moon, causing the home, relationships, and family to be the main focus. During this time, pay attention to how you communicate, welcome the power to stand up or take control of yourself, and overcome challenges in the illuminated areas.

The Full Moon in Gemini will be happening on December 7, 2022. This energy will still be in effect three days after the 7th.

A Song that Represents this Full Moon

Bad Habit // Steve Lacy

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Moon 'scope by Megan


Our minds are made up

of our own perceptions

and what we think in our heads

is a simple conception

of what we then create

out in our days.

How is your mind

surfing those waves?

Be open to more

and believe life is kind.

Watch and collaborate

to make dreams come alive.


These next couple of months

are all about you

as you start to realize

playing small makes you lose.

You’re worthy of light

and taking up space.

You’re more driven now

to set your own pace.

Let go of what keeps you

all stifled down

and welcome the King

or the Queen with a crown.


Speak from your heart

and others will listen.

Your fiery spirit

makes your aura glisten.

The more that we’re honest

in our vulnerable words

the more likely we are

to pull towards our herd.

Not just of followers,

but of people who know

what you’re saying is truthful

and feels somewhat like home.

It takes courage to find

those of like mind,

but the more authentic we are,

the more we all can shine.


The words that you speak

will be remembered

so if you are speaking

don’t burn with embers.

Yes, you can speak

kindly and wise,

while still making a point

without pinpointed knives.

It’s also the time

to open your mind.

To expand your horizons

to see what you’ll find.


To know someone well

takes plenty of time.

To open our hearts

is a similar climb.

When we value ourselves,

then we know what we need,

and we accept nothing less

than what can succeed.

We need equality

and the same give and take.

Someone who sees us

and won’t play a game.


Life force is energy

unlike the rest

and when we’re tapped into it

we do feel our best.

We feel sensual goodness

and we feel so alive.

We create from our fullness

and we feel we can thrive.

It’s straight from the heart

and shows who we are.

If you haven’t already

reignite that big spark.


Sweet Darling Taurus,

my how you shine.

How you create

and add value

to any aspect of life.

The more that you know this,

the more well you do.

The higher self-worth

the more that you groove.

Never forget

what you bring to the table.

Charge what you’re worth.

Know that you’re able.


We love to accumulate

love, wealth, and fame,

but we need to release

to change.

How scary is change

when we outgrow a cycle?

But how good does it feel

to release what is idle?

Feel into the places

that you’re letting go,

and know something is coming

if you make room to flow.


Sweet Darling Virgo,

you’ve been working so hard

and this moment may be

where you can score.

This full moon illuminates

the place of career

and all you’ve been building,

and the plans that you’ve steered.

A realization or peak

could come to you now.

Appreciate the journey.

I hope you feel proud.


Intuitive guidance

is simple and stern.

She’s a one-worded answer.

She’s how we discern.

Follow your gut

when you hear her speak

in matters of love.

In wisdom, we seek.

The more certain we are,

the more clearly we see,

and the less time we have

for foggy, rough seas.


There’s an old myth

that says freedom is space –

that there are no lines

to stand in its way.

But the beauty of free

is that it needs structure

to allow it to thrive

so it doesn’t rupture.


The more comfort we find

inside our homes,

the more courageous we feel

standing on top of our thrones.

This is the physical

space we reside

and it’s also the roots

that we feel deep inside.

Maybe you’re moving,

and maybe you’ll clean

out what’s not needed

to beam.

We want to thank Megan McCluer for her contribution to this blog

Megan McCluer is a nature-inspired artist and Astro poet, writing new moon and full moon poetry for each of the 12 signs. Follow Megan on Instagram and book a photo session with her here.

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