Capricorns are known as the workers of astrological signs. The sign represents being an overachiever, loyal, persistent, practical, and sensitive. This new moon will be in the first degree, signifying new beginnings and in the sign of Capricorn, helping us achieve what we may have stepped away from in 2022, right on time for 2023. This cardinal Moon can create a disconnection from our emotions and more emphasis on our success. This New Moon will affect Cancer and Capricorn the most.

The New Moon in Capricorn will be happening on December 23, 2022. This energy will still be in effect for three days.

A Song that Represents this New Moon

All About Me & Got Her Own // Syd

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Moon 'scope by Megan


Over these years,

your career has had shifts.

You’ve had lessons and changes

and perhaps felt adrift.

Without all those learnings

you wouldn’t now know

what do you want

and what you’ve outgrown.

Tap into your body

and into your mind

as you visualize clearly

a dream career you designed.


What love and money

have shared at heart

is the deep investment

it takes it to start.

We don’t go a mile

unless we are clear

and under these moon beams

it’s these thoughts in your sphere.

Commit even further

if you’re already in.

Or set forth a plan

for the long-term to win.


At the end of the year

we start to make lists

of what we are craving

to get closer to bliss.

For you this includes

your day and routines

and how to create it

so that you’re able to beam.

The more rest we have

the more likely we are

to feel more at peace –

to appreciate the stars.


Invest in the nest

that you call your home,

for it’s a place to recharge

when you’re craving your own.

Take time to manifest

when it comes to your roots.

What are you needing

to feel safe and smooth?

Maybe it’s moving,

cleaning, or change,

or maybe it’s inside

so foundations don’t shake.


Self-worth is a language

spoken by vibe.

It’s the feeling we know

that we’re worthy of life.

We receive and we give

with a beautiful flow

and we hold onto nothing

that threatens our growth.

Take time to manifest

what you want in your work.

In your financial abundance.

In this material Earth.

To know the reality

of what we spend and we make

we feel much more confident

to secure our own way.


How little do we

say thank you to Earth –

to this divine moment

that we continue to birth.

We rush, and we run,

worry and stress,

but this moon is asking

for us to take rest.

To set forth a routine

that gives us more time –

to tap into the wisdom

from our unique guides.


Sweet darling Taurus

you do what you know

but under these beams

it’s time to let go.

It’s time to be open

to the new and unseen –

to let yourself wander

through uncharted seas.

Sign up for a class

or take a long trip.

Manifest grandly

and loosen your grip.


Think back not too far

to a few years ago

when you had some lessons

that pushed you to grow.

You learned much in love

and you stepped up to the plate,

as you learned what you wanted

in a partner and mate.

Take all you’ve learned

and plant some new seeds.

Your relationships are ready

to turn a new leaf.


Let’s talk about children

and the way that you play.

The kids that you have

and inspirational waves.

Under these skies

there’s birth on the mind –

maybe not babies

but projects inside.

Tap into your body

and into your heart

to set forth intentions

for new joy to start.


When you’re too hyper-focused

on what you think you know

you don’t stand a chance

to expand and to grow.

Synchronicity will show you

if you stay open and clear

that life is but magic

if we’re tuned in to hear.

Check-in on your voice.

Check-in on your mind.

How are your frequencies?

Are they well-aligned?


Hello darling Capricorn.

Happy New Moon to you.

I hope you feel vibrant

and well-aligned to your truth.

You’ve been getting a lesson

in what it means to be seen

and this new moon in Cap

says stretch out your beams.

You’re magnetic and power

all wrapped into one.

Manifest dreams

and let’s have some fun.


Dear Darling Pisces

I remember this moon

one year ago

and what it meant for you.

Your circle was changing

and so were your dreams,

and now this new moon

says time for fresh beams.

In what kind of group

do you want to be?

Are they aligned

to the visions you see?

We want to thank Megan McCluer for her contribution to this blog

Megan McCluer is a nature-inspired artist and Astro poet, writing new moon and full moon poetry for each of the 12 signs. Follow Megan on Instagram and book a photo session with her here.

How are you feeling about this upcoming New Moon in Capricorn? Will you be doing any rituals? Let us know on our Instagrams @cada_consult and @cada_culture. Check out blog on the Law of Attraction, and keep an eye out for more astrology content!

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