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Money Mindfulness- The New Way To Save Money


Mindfulness is a mental state that one can attain from learning to focus on your awareness of the world around you. Often associated with how you feel and what you can sense in the current moment, mindfulness is a great way to become more in tune with your emotions and inner self.

How Can Mindfulness Save Me Money?

Applying elements of mindfulness around areas of your life such as finances could have a significant impact. Maybe it will stop you from impulsively buying those skate shoes you have seen online, and start putting your money to better use, like into stocks, shares, or a savings account.

Mindfulness can be applied to just about anything in life these days.  What better to use it to than for your financial situation and planning. When it comes to money, let’s face it, most people can become rather careless and get caught in the vicious cycle of living paycheck to paycheck.

Being mindful of how you manage your money could kick-start a movement to better understand your finances and where your money is going. So let’s look at some things mindfulness can teach you and how you can apply it to save some money.

Become More Focused And Find A Balance

A large portion of being mindful is regaining focus, finding balance with life, and focusing on the present. By becoming more focused and finding balance within your life, you can focus on your present financial situation and some of your financial goals or priorities. Financial focus is a great way to assess your current financial situation and analyze where your money is going. You could also begin to think about how you might achieve some financial goals for the future, such as buying a house or a new car.

Figure Out Your Intentions

Mindfulness can help uncover your true intentions and priorities when it comes to saving money. For example, some questions you may ask yourself go along the lines of –  “what do you want to achieve with your finances?” “Do you really need that Starbucks every day?” Or “would you rather have that emergency fund?”

Becoming Aware

Being aware of yourself and your money can help you focus on what is important for your finances.  By becoming mindful of your money, you can help restore balance to your bank account.


This blog was a contribution by Lisa Silva.

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