Get Real. Feel. Eat. Reveal.

On May 15, 2019, CADA hosted an interactive Feng Shui dinner experience at 1Hotel South Beach's nature-inspired restaurant, Habitat. All conversational topics were moderated by Inessa Freylekhman, Feng Shui Maestra, Spiritual Psychologist, and Marriage Family Therapist. Exclusive partner sponsor was Aroma360, creators of the notable 1Hotel scent, My Way. The hotel aims to create a wellness atmosphere where guest can participate in monthly activities including full moon parties, beach clean-ups, yoga sessions and a host of other retreats. The conceptually unique hotel, its mission, and its signature restaurant were idyllic in hosting Inessa’s intimate evening of enriched discussions.

An interactive dinner experience

Guests explored alchemy with taste and smell while enjoying a three-course family-style meal at Habitat. Food options included signature dishes such as Kimchi Fried Rice and Sesame Florida Red Snapper. Throughout the evening, we discovered how the home reveals the current state of our love life, learned tips for creating a sanctuary for romance and rest, and identified the main mental and emotional love zappers. Inessa sparked the conversation over mindful topics incorporating Feng Shui and aromatherapy. Concluding the event, attendees including Tracy Mourning, Sarah McMillian, and several guests from LVMH’s private management team got to take home specialty gift bags provided by Aroma360. Gift bags included $100 gift certificate and a deluxe aphrodisiac scented candle.


CADA recreated a complete experience rather than just a simple dinner event. It produced a creative, unseen scenario from a holistic viewpoint bringing to life 1 Hotel’s values and mission. The team made sure to work with partners such as Aroma 360 who aligned with the concept while maintaining their own brand identity and exposing their products in an interactive way. The restaurant Habitat was able to boost it’s social media following after the event and received several Yelp reviews from the attendees right after. The whole experience guaranteed a successful outcome.