Satsang for Women

CADA partnered up with Satsang For Women for a full day of inspiring dialogue sparking the conversation around the topics of numerology led by Lourdes Loubriel (@Mission11.11), connecting with the soul’s mission led by Alexandra Lizardo (@ThePerfectMomDiary), discussing holistic nutrition with Leyla Escobar (@ley.natural) and creating harmony and balance with interior designer, Ines Martins (@inesmartinsdesign) at our “Alice in Wonderland-esque venue of choice, The Rooftop Garden. The enchanting space is surrounded by fully-mature Mahogany trees and overlooks the city of Miami.


On February 3, 2019, CADA hosted an all-day experience with enriching workshops and talks allowing us to venture the challenges faced by the spiritual modern woman. We came up with this concept allowing women of all ages to participate in the dialogues and share their stories while enjoying Organic vegan snacks by Manna Life Foods and sipping on Rose wine by Notorious Pink. The smell of palo santo burning and soothing meditative sounds played throughout the day, creating a magical setting for a safe haven environment.

Guests dressed comfortably as they laid down on their complimentary yoga mats by Surterra Wellness underneath the trees to write down their plans and dreams. Cushions were provided which set a comfortable ambiance for relaxation. The program consisted of three 1 hour workshops followed by 30-minute breaks. Some of the wellness influencers that were in attendance included Sarah MacMillan (@BeGenerationlove), Lauren Arboleda (@Foodfromtheheart), and Sabra Seligman (@sabra.shares).


CADA was able to bring over 100 women together to enjoy a full day of activities that promoted mindful living and highlighted the importance of a unified community for empowering women. Positive feedback was received from all fronts regarding the experience creating anticipation for all future events. We were able to garner over 15 sponsors who provided consciously-made products for the goodie bags. Some of the items given out were Hype nail polish, Olsüss Skin beauty products, vitamin gummies for women by The Lab Girl and Co, plants and crystals by Annie The Alchemist, and Organic Power Bars by Quio Products. The whole experience guaranteed a successful outcome.