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7 Steps for Spring Cleaning Your Home Office


Many of us like to hit refresh and clean the spaces around us with spring’s warm energy. Getting your workspace organized and decluttered will help boost your creativity and productivity for this new season. Here are 7 spring cleaning steps for your home office and computer.

Clean out your email

Chances are your inbox is filled with unopened or unimportant emails. Emails contribute to 986,000 tonnes of CO2 every day. This is because data centers that store our emails consume vast amounts of energy to hold the data and keep the equipment cool.

Take the time to delete emails that you no longer need and unsubscribe to promotional emails you no longer want. These steps will clear up space and reduce your carbon footprint; it’s a win all around.

Delete apps you don’t use anymore

My first step to getting organized is always removing the things that don’t serve me anymore. When we do this, we clear up space to welcome things that do. So this step is simple; delete apps on your dock and phone that you don’t use. My rule of thumb is if you haven’t used it in the past 3 months, chances are you won’t use it in the next 3.

Organize your files

First, we’re going to start by deleting unnecessary downloads like the loads of stock images you used for last month’s email or social media campaigns. From there, we’ll have to build out a folder system. We’re going to have our main categories like Client Work, Images, Blogs, etc. Then with these folders, branch out to smaller subfolders.

Make a structure that makes sense to you. This way, you’ll save time and know exactly where what you’re looking for is.

Clean your desk

We do a lot at our desks — attend Zoom meetings, keep notes, and leave crumbs from our afternoon snacking sessions. With that, dust and germs that make us sick can build up pretty quickly. In fact, a typical keyboard will have 7,500 bacteria on it.

Harsh chemicals and disinfectants strip the good bacteria we need to stay healthy while leaving behind a filmy residue of toxic chemicals. As such, harmful microorganisms spread more easily on our surfaces. Basically, making us more susceptible to getting sick.

To spring clean sustainably, I suggest using an eco-friendly cleaner from Grove Collaborative. Their bio-degradable formula is made with 92% plant-based ingredients and is 2x more effective in eliminating grease than other natural brands. If you spend $20 dollars on their website, you will receive a free Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning set!

Supernatural also has great non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning kits. Their formulas are made up of plants, minerals, and essential oils. To celebrate Spring, Supernatural is offering 30% off cleaning starter kits.


Update your software

It’s easy to skip software updates. I know; I couldn’t even count how many times I’ve clicked ‘Remind Me Later.’ So use this spring cleaning time to update your computer and phone with the latest software. It’ll assure that apps can keep working smoothly and sometimes will improve user experience.

Additionally, online security company McAfee states, “software updates are important because they often include critical patches to security holes.” As such, completing regular updates will help keep your information safe from the latest threats.

Update your security

Switch up your old, frequently used passwords for strong, secure ones every so often. It’s a good idea to use different passwords for different sites. Some people like to use LastPass, a password manager, to generate solid and random codes to protect against hackers.

Furthermore, set up 2-step verification. This method will require you to sign in through 2 steps rather than 1. When you want to login into your email or Facebook account from a new location, you’ll first sign in like you usually would. After, you’ll be prompted to enter a verification code that was either sent as a text or call.


Add a houseplant

Houseplants and florals are known for springing creativity. By adding a little bit of the outdoors indoors, you’ll be able to create a unique ambiance and aroma for your home office. Wash away dull, boring feelings and welcome fresh, new ideas.

The takeaway

These spring cleaning tips should help you achieve an organized workspace that makes you feel ready to tackle your busiest of days.

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