Meet the team

Juliana Mejia & Camila Mejia

Founders and Sisters, CEO/COO, Boss Ladies

Juliana Founder, CEOJuliana found herself constantly daydreaming when it came to producing meaningful experiences, but lacked the inspiration to put that creative mindset to work due to the corporate world’s nitty gritty challenges. Her past experience in retail real-estate development, marketing and events helped her realize that she could create a movement just by uniting people together to experience something in a different way (more mindfully). She made it a reality and founded CADA. A new kind of agency. Boutique-style. Allowing all the creative juice to flow, while supporting what truly matters.  CamilaCo-founder, COOFrom an early age, Camila has always been very passionate for the environment, humanity, and knowledge. Most people know her for her environmentalist efforts and eagerness to help others. With a background in Industrial Engineering, she has always had a solution-focused mindset and an itching to make a difference in the world. Her past experiences have shaped her proficiency in solving problems geared towards waste reduction, time efficiency, logistics, and analytics. These qualities have prepared her in fulfilling her passions by establishing CADA, a business welcoming the transition towards a more sustainable and holistic lifestyle. 

Meet the team

Sofia Acosta

Communications Coordinator

Most of the things we learn in life come from the experiences we’ve had throughout our lifetime. This is why Sofia was so drawn to be a part of the CADA Team, she wanted to be a part of something as big as creating such experiences for individuals/businesses that further lead them to self-optimization and gift them with the power of knowledge. Since she started working at CADA, Sofia has joined a path of self-improvement through living consciously that has changed the way she lives her life completely. “I have gained an appreciation for brands and people who care enough about themselves to know that helping our planet is the best way to help themselves. I have grown both personally and professionally in the loving environment that is deeply embedded in CADA’s culture and I am grateful for my lady boss mentors.”


over our clients' business objectives and seeking creative ways to drive results.


change and approaching it all with an open mind.