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Juliana Mejia & Camila Mejia

Founders and Sisters


Co-founder, Chief Brand Officer

Juliana creates out-of-this-world experiences, designs, and campaigns. Her love for all things wellness and sustainability are highlighted through her holistic lifestyle which evidently gave her the idea to launch CADA. A new kind of agency. Boutique-style. Allowing all the creative juice to flow while supporting what truly matters. Juliana’s 10+ year expertise in marketing, event production, retail, and branding for some of the biggest retail developers in the nation such as CBRE, Simon Property, and Miami Design District, has allowed her to create memorable experiences and result-driven campaigns for various mindful and luxury brands in unique locations.




Co-founder, Chief Operating Officer

Camila facilitates and optimizes ideas and projects to ensure campaigns and executions run smoothly. Her expertise in industrial engineering, waste reduction, and environmental consultation has allowed her to guide startups and corporate companies in their mission to reuse, reduce, and recycle. These qualities have prepared her in fulfilling her passions by establishing CADA. Camila’s eco-friendly efforts and eagerness to help others have always been on the front line of her passion for the environment, humanity, and knowledge. Her past corporate experiences with GE and EcoLab have shaped her proficiency in solving problems and in helping make a sustainable difference in the world.


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