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Crystals for Intentions


Just like every New Year, we crave a new beginning and set a few intentions. Crystal connoisseur and owner of The Salty Witch, Sofia de la Vega, tells us what crystals will support us through our journey of transformation and growth.

Because Sofia had health issues in her 20s, and the doctors had difficulty finding what was wrong, the stress drew her to look for her own answers and emotional healing. Sofia turned to crystals and, in time, became a crystal coach for her family and friends. Her friends suggested she expand, and so after a year of research, she opened The Salty Witch in December 2019.

Doing the work to ensure a wonderful future is challenging — that’s why only 8% of people follow through with their New Year’s resolution. Fortunately, crystals can help us overcome the odds. With Sofia’s guidance, we curated crystals specifically for the five most common intentions.

I practice healthy habits: 

If your sweet tooth is as strong as mine and you want to start eating better, Tiger’s Eye will give you the stability to make better decisions and Hematite will ground you in those choices.

If you have health issues, and what you really need is emotional support, then grounding and healing crystals are best. “Clear Quartz is the most powerful healing crystal. It cleanses all chakras and its energy helps ease and heal the fear mindset,” Sofia says.

Citrine / @the_saltywitch

I embrace my calling:

If you want to start a business, Citrine, the Merchant Stone and Stone of Abundance, has been used since ancient times to bring wealth and success. Additionally, Goldstone, the Stone of Ambition, provides you the drive and confidence you need to achieve.

If you’re looking for a new job, Aventurine, a light green color crystal will help bring opportunity and good luck. Sofia also suggests, “Desert Rose to rid negativity so that you can act from confidence rather than fear and shine in your interview.”

Desert Rose / @the_saltywitch

I create financial freedom:

Pyrite encourages determination and focus, and works well with Malachite to attract abundance and good fortune. Those, along with Aventurine, can guide your path to financial freedom.

Pyrite / @the_saltywitch

It’s personal: Message Sofia explaining your experiences, and she’ll recommend what crystal is best for you. She even handpicks each crystal for every order by what crystal feels the most powerful and aligned.

Tiger’s Eye / @the_saltywitch

I attract meaningful relationships:

Clear Quartz will help you open up to these experiences (whether through an app or IRL).

Orange Calcite is connected to the sacral chakra and has a powerful effect on sex. It can help balance your energies to approach sex in an empowered way allowing you to enjoy your body’s natural pleasures.

“For self-love and where you should really start when looking for love, turn to Rose Quartz for support,” says Sofia.

If you’re concerned with the liars and cheats of the world (queue T Swift song), Green Jasper and Smoky Quartz will help protect against deception.

Orange Calcite / @the_saltywitch

Ethically sourced: Sofia personally researches all the crystals before selling them. Some are difficult to come by and even more so when making sure they’re ethically sourced. To ensure they meet her standards, she reaches out to the wholesaler and asks all the essential questions regarding origin, environmental compliance, and working conditions.

Aventurine / @the_saltywitch

I reclaim my right to love myself:

Sofia says Rose Quartz, Amethyst, and Clear Quartz work the best together to encourage self-love, peace, and body acceptance.

Meet Sofia de la Vega

Sofia de la Vega

My journey with crystals began when:        

I was 17. I’ve always been obsessed with rocks and crystals soon after. My first crystal was clear quartz.   

My daily crystal rituals are:

Every morning I set my intentions — what are my goals for the day, and how am I feeling. If my daily goal is business-related, I’ll look for crystals that align. 

I’m currently loving: 

Tourmaline and clear quartz — my everyday crystals. Also, moldavite, which holds high energy, and interestingly came from meteorites’ impact rather than the meteorite itself. 

For best energy, I keep my crystals in:

An altar where they are grouped by how they work. Some crystals like those I use to help me sleep are by my bed. I pretty much let them tell them where they go, so I rotate them every so often.

I recharge and cleanse my crystals: 

Every full moon. I put them outside and let them soak in the moonlight.

I harness my power by:    

Sitting outside and grounding on the grass or the beach.  

My long-term vision:

My long term vision would be to have a brick and mortar shop on the water with crystals, eco-friendly goods, an herbal tea cafe, monthly free events with local artists, and yoga classes. I want to help people and have an inviting space that welcomes crystals beginners. I manifested it daily.

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