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Olive Oil and its Various Benefits to your Health


In a Latin kitchen, olive oil is rarely ever missing. The smell of it warming on the stove and wafting throughout the household brings memories of favorite meals from many people. It’s not surprising why the oil is so ubiquitous in the culture. It’s tasty and healthy and has a variety of benefits in comparison to other fats. But olive oil has so many more uses than its conventional kitchen use, and its benefits extend beyond just-food.

Olive oil’s history reaches back to early Greek and Roman cuisine. Now it can be found in many cultural dishes, and it’s encouraged to substitute it as the oil of choice in kitchens all over the globe. Simply the taste and smell is enough for most people, but the best things in life are good for you in multiple ways. Olive oil is full of antioxidants and it is linked to a reduction of heart disease. But beyond the dietary benefits of olive oil, it also improves one’s skin, nails, hair, and even help your mental health.


Olive oil’s high antioxidant content helps improve and maintain healthy hair and a healthy scalp. But rubbing it into the scalp improves blood circulation and helps if you have dandruff or dry scalp because of its motorizing and antibacterial properties. Also, olive oil conditions and moisturizes the hair strands and helps previous aid damage as well as prevent future breakage.


I know the thought of rubbing oil into your skin seems a bit silly and messy. But an easy way to absorb the benefits of olive oil on your skin is just to pour a few drops into your next bath. Olive oil is rich in vitamins A, D, K, and E, making it nourishing on your skin and its high concentration of squalene, an ingredient known for hydrating your skin.

Mental Health

It’s no secret that some foods are linked to positive and negative brain health. Olive oil is actually on the beneficial side. Many studies have shown a link to a high olive oil intake and decreased depression and anxiety. Caring for your gut helps balance your hormones and chemicals that ultimately help your mental health.

To live a more holistic, well-rounded, healthy lifestyle, there are incremental steps you can take to achieve it. It could be a simple substitution like switching olive oil for your traditional cooking oil or inclusion of it into your diet. Small changes start accumulating quickly, and you can start reaping the benefits immediately.

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