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Sound Sleep


Sleep is such a fragile thing, so inexplicably linked to mental and physical health that a deviation from regular routine affects how much rest a person gets at the end of the night. The pandemic has upended our regular routines and no matter how many months pass, our bodies yearn for some sense of normalcy. But there’s hope at the end of this all that should lull you to a more comfortable sleep at night.

So, we’ve assembled a few methods to try to help put you sound asleep.


The name can sound intimidating, but it is quite simple. If you have a diffuser, simply add a couple of drops of lavender essential oil and let it waft through your home. Studies show lavender can help reduce stress and increase restful sleep. If you do not have a diffuser, a simple alternative would be to add a few drops into a spray bottle and dilute it with water and spray it on your pillow. It will give a soft, even lavender scent that will condition you to a more regular, restful sleep.

Lower your temperature

The human body is complex, and we learn more unusual things about its internal mechanisms as time goes on. One of the many weird qualities is its regulation of body temperature. At night, your body cools down and continues to do so right up until the time you wake up. Hotter temperatures have been shown to lead to abnormal sleeping patterns. As a result, scientists recommend a cooler temperature at night to induce a deeper, more restful sleep.


Maybe that thing you have to do is still creeping into your head, even though there is nothing you can do immediately to take care of it. Maybe you’re worried about something that’s beyond your control. There’s no sleeping away your troubles until you can learn to come to terms and mitigate the stress and anxiety. Meditating is shown to reduce stress. It doesn’t have to be a ceremonial thing; it could just be a simple breathing exercise. Doing this before you sleep will help slip you into sleep without having your mind wander around.

Sleep sound with brands we love to love

Mindbodygreen formulates unique supplements that synergistically work with your body to alleviate stress, calm overactive minds, and promote deep sleep.

HUM vitamins, Mighty night, showed significant improvements in total sleep time, sleep latency, the number of nightly awakenings, and insomnia severity index scores.

Kotn crafts simple yet luxurious covers, sheets, and bedspreads with the finest natural fibres.

Sleep EZ has natural and organic latex mattresses for every sleeper — back, side, and stomach. They even have your furry babies covered.

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