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Sustainable Valentine’s Day Guide


We know the holiday season just ended, but buying your Valentine’s Day gifts is never too early! Surprise your valentine with what they love while loving our Earth and supporting ethical companies. Whether you are looking for your skincare lover, active person, or green thumb, we have you covered so you don’t have to worry about what to get for Valentine’s Day.

Why are holistic gift guides essential?

Our intention with releasing gift guides is to make it easier for our audience to find trustworthy brands they can support. Plenty of greenwashing brands make it hard for people with the right intentions to find sustainable or eco-friendly companies. We believe our seasonal gift guides have the power to keep honest, sustainable, holistic, eco-friendly companies at the forefront. Let’s make sustainable shopping for holistic gifts easier and more trendy!

For Their Activities

Buzio Bottles is on a mission to provide insulated water bottles and other products that dedicate you to a healthy lifestyle. Their continuous innovation and improvement of their products help provide solutions to anxieties, sleep, and stress. The company takes many steps to create quality, sustainable, and functional products. Everything is made environmentally friendly, from their products to packaging, using recyclable and biodegradable materials. Purchase their Insulated Water Bottles here!

Renoo is your new spot for all things soothing, reviving, and refreshing while also keeping it sustainable. Their store ranges from crystals, cushions, journals, and aromatherapy. Create your own mindful space using their eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and ethically-sourced products! With each purchase, you are supporting the renoo Mindfulness Impact Project. Learn more about their efforts here. Get 15% off pink or black products with our code love15

Intimate Items

Maude is changing the industry and continuously creating a company for modern intimacy. This inclusive company sells affordable, well-designed, quality products that serve everyone. Shop for sex, bath and body, scents, supplements, travel and kits, bundles, and more on their website.




Organic Basics has intimate wear that looks good on you and the planet. This brand prides itself in being eco-friendly and sustainable, participating in environmental groups such as 1% for the Planet. They sell intimate items such as their Lite Bralette, made of eco-friendly wood pulp fiber, and their boxers are made of organic cotton.

For the Face

Axiology is an award-winning plastic-free, vegan beauty brand. Their products contain nine simple ingredients, including seed oils and fruit extract. Axiology is on a mission to end plastic waste in the beauty industry. Last year, they focused on tackling their own waste by going 100% plastic free and using 100% recyclable packaging made from island trash. Shop their Balmie sets now!


Versine is a skincare brand that is environmentally focused. They have five steps that environmentally impact their products, including limiting unnecessary packaging, using recycled bottles, and rejecting animal testing products. All of their products are OBGYN approved and made with a high-value combination of ingredients. Shop their Calm and Hydrating Serum now!


Bionassay skincare uses honest formulas and mindful crafting to create products that work. Each formula has been designed to replenish, protect and heal the skin. They focus on having a routine that isn’t overwhelming or counterproductive but simple and effective. Shop their creams and serums here!




Gifts that Grow

Everyone loves plants that will last, like plants from Bloomscape. When you purchase your plant from Bloomscape, it comes directly from a greenhouse where plant experts take care of it. This means your plant is well taken care of from the greenhouse until it meets your front door.

Leath‘s goal is to create deeply considered products that incorporate high-quality materials. Their unique growth system sparks curiosity and performs year after year. The fieldhouse helps people grow their own food and build healthy habits.

As always, we’d love to hear from you. Let us know your favorite product from this Holistic Holiday Gift Guide on our Instagram @cada_culture and @cada_consult or in the comments.



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