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The 2022 Business Astrology Brief You Don’t Want To Miss


This 2022 business astrology transmission was written by Fiona Hillery. Follow her astrological and esoteric musings on Instagram and direct message her for personal consultation rates using code CADA.

2022 Business Astrology Brief

“No one claims 2022 as their year. We’re all going to tip-toe in very slowly. No one touch anything!” Said a sassy meme on my feed days before the ball dropped. Less than a week later, “Alright, you all can have 2022 back with the variant BS. I don’t want it.”

Oh, the flippant yet emblematic dialogue that runs internet culture! The same 140- character reducing machines that made bite-sized Astrology mainstream could do with slowing down to digest the year ahead. If I had to reduce it into Twitter-speak, it could read something like “re-evaluating our relationship to power and currency amidst a cultural renaissance.”

According to the Pew Research Poll Center, an estimated 30% of Americans believe in Astrology or one in four Americans. Though, our quick-fix memestrology fails to understand the nuance of hyper-individualized birth charts and planetary movements. Also, philosophically, Western Astrology emphasizes one’s ability to co-create with the universe by showing up for each year’s energy cycle fully prepared for soul lessons ahead.

Collectively, a few soul lessons are coming. Along with some practical themes that can apply to the business world. Here are the most important dates and cosmic movements during 2022 and the most impacted signs.

Venus and Mercury Retrograde January 2022
Collective Interpretation

The culprit for all the salty “2022 is canceled” call-outs running rampant online, the year begins with two critical reversals in the sky with Venus retrograde (Dec 14-Jan 29) and Mercury Retrograde (January 16-Feb 2). Venus rules over pleasure, enjoyment, creativity, and finance, while Mercury rules over communication and travel. When Venus began to station back in December, the Omricrom variant hit the headlines quickly, bringing abrupt changes in plans to all pleasurable holiday activities.

Financial markets also began to fluctuate as quarantine restrictions for the highly contagious variant left airlines short-staffed. This confusion is likely to continue throughout January, emphasizing the feeling of going backward instead of forward. Expect to see a shift after February, though I anticipate cancellations and deficits in all entertainment-driven businesses.

Who’s most impacted?

The rising signs that will feel the most weight financially during this time of revision are Gemini and Sagittarius. While everyone should be conservative with investments during January, these signs will want to hold on to any major purchases and pay special attention to balancing their books.

The United States Pluto Return February 20, 2022
Collective Interpretation

Collective Interpretation: In Astrology, Pluto represents the archetypical energy forces of death, rebirth, and transformation of power. The United States’ natal birth chart is about to experience its first Pluto “return,” meaning this malefic planet is coming back to its station at the exact point on the zodiacal wheel that it was when the constitution was signed.

Because Pluto lies in the US 2nd house of finances, it’s a standard prediction amongst modern astrologers that there will be some vital shift in the country’s currency, markets, and values. Be on the lookout for announcements around infrastructure, bailouts, unemployment, and restrictions on alternate forms of currency like cryptocurrency.

This Pluto transit is exact in February; however, it lasts the entire year within a 2-degree orb. By 2023 Pluto will dip in Aquarius, indicating a potent activation around cryptocurrency. In the meantime, expect tensions and challenges as traditional systems of value clash with new, decentralized systems.

Who will be impacted the most financially?

Anyone whose natal Venus falls between 27-29 degrees of cardinal signs Cancer, Libra, and Aries. Be extra precautious about engaging in business partnerships or making bold shifts with investment strategy.

Jupiter in Pisces Jan – May 10, October 28 – December 20
Collective Interpretation:

The planet of abundance, luck, and expansion enters its happy home in Pisces, the sign affiliated with spirituality, art, and music. We experienced a dose of this energy last summer in June and July, dubbed by Tik Tok “hot girl summer” and “summer of love.” Indeed, Jupiter in Pisces brings all the feels in the best ways. Think concerts, movies, sound baths, communal wellness pursuits, and an overall feeling of oneness. We begin to feel this energy again after January’s retrogrades fade.

One industry worth looking further into with Jupiter in Pisces is psychedelic wellness. We saw an uptick in acceptance last summer and the widespread opening of Ketamine clinics in New York. Undoubtedly, we’ll all be processing pandemic trauma well into the next decade, and Jupiter in Pisces brings wider acceptance into spiritual substances as a form of healing.

Speculating, Bitcoin may also undergo a dipping period while Jupiter enters its natal 8th house of debts. We saw a low dip back to $35k last summer when Jupiter was in Pisces. Though, the long-term astrology of bitcoin looks auspicious when Pluto enters Aquarius in 2023. In short, the evolution of value and currency for America is imminent over the next few years, and I wouldn’t let a few months of dipping deter any crypto holders. Keep your eye on Summer ‘22 when Bitcoin’s moon and midheaven get a boost from Jupiter after May!

Who will be impacted the most financially?

Rising Aquarius and Leo have the most opportunity to score big this year financially. Aquarius has momentum around liquid cash and creating new revenue streams, while Leo has luck with strategic investments and shared assets. Rising Sagittarius may consider an investment in the form of a home or property, while the Rising Gemini’s get a boost of public recognition in the workplace that could lead to a promotion.

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About Fiona Hillery:

Fiona Hillery is an esoteric empowerment coach based in Los Angeles using certified interdisciplinary practices of western astrology, tarot, and feng shui. After a decade of building a successful media career in New York City, Fiona’s passion and soul-centered service took off as the Covid crisis hit and society looked to the stars. In the past year, Fiona has helped over 250 clients, including executives, celebrities, and couples, and facilitated dozens of special zoom events.

Fiona’s professional background in business, media, and creative partnerships, combined with her intuitive interpersonal skills, offers tangible value for all clients ready to step into spiritually aligned empowerment. In her last Director role at Vice Media, Fiona showed by example that esoteric wellness enhances leadership growth, creativity, and team building.

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