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Valentine’s Day Self Love


According to numerology, 2022 is the year of The Lovers. When we combine the three 2s in this new year, we come to the digit of 6, making 2022 the year of The Lovers: an archetype of freedom, love, choice, unity within ourselves, moral independence, and the healing power of love. Today we want to honor ourselves, embrace some self-love, and hopefully encourage you to do the same.


This year’s energy started strong and with a rocky foundation that shook me to my core. I got sick and fractured a rib from coughing; apparently, it’s more common than we thought. In literal stillness, I was confronted with the opportunity to listen to my inner guidance and face some health challenges that I knew only I could overcome and heal at a slow pace.

End of January, I took time to travel for my birthday back to my native home, Colombia, amongst family and nature. I nurtured myself with plant-based foods. I celebrated life. I meditated. I rode my horses. I strategized. I took time to reset. I was so grateful; it was as if my nagging three-week-long cough never even happened.

It’s vital to nourish yourself. Take space to listen to your body so everything and everyone around you can flourish. Challenging moments are only temporary.

With this said, my caring message today is:

Fill your cup and put yourself first. You are taking time to nourish your mind, body, and spirit when necessary can help you regain back your energy and embrace self-love, gratitude, and fulfillment. 


This year, the stage is set to be the most loved one yet! We’ve all been through unimaginable situations that have challenged us to show up for ourselves, our family, and our friends. We faced undeniable truths, lessons, and maybe even epiphanies in the process. 2022 is the year we get to implement all the accumulated knowledge these experiences brought us and create the life we know we deserve. There’s no doubt in my mind that whoever is reading this is a goddess or warrior capable of whatever they set their minds to.

With that said, my loving message today is:
Remember, we are all connected, and despite what stage you find yourself in, what you focus on will grow. You owe it to yourself and your community to focus on you.

Be patient, loving, and compassionate with yourself. All you give will reflect on others just as much as back to you. Be you, love you, and the world is bound to grow with you.


This year could not have come at a perfect time. A year for self-love, reflection, healing, and independence after the 2021 year of conflict, change, and breaking free.

The themes for each year personally resonate with me, and for those who feel the same, I have this heartfelt message:
How do you feel now? Breathing feels easier, life feels fuller, and we laugh more often. Last year felt like a decade because of the constant struggles and rebirth. This year can live on because of the growth, healing, self-love, and power you will obtain. Take it one day at a time, practice those healthy habits, and don’t be too hard on yourself.

Give yourself the love you want from others. And as you water the flowers you thought were dead, remember how strong you’ve been.

The Purpose-Driven