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Why should you add music into your marketing mix?


Music is such a powerful tool when trying to provoke specific emotions. And emotions play a significant role when we want to purchase a product or service. So, why should you incorporate music into your marketing mix?

With the rise of TikTok and Instagram Reels, music and videos are creating this new must-have branding element. Bec Adams, Founder of Les Filles, a female music agency, says, ”Music is a powerful subconscious tool brands can use to interact and engage with their consumers. It helps curate the overarching mission of brand identity by creating a cohesive world that merges the visual and sonic identities.” And when you join these two elements, they seem to be an unmatched duo for people to get to know your brand, remember your brand, and learn how to use your products.

What is a marketing mix?

A marketing mix is a combination of factors that a company can control to influence consumers to purchase its products or services. These factors are sales promotions, branding, pricing, product quality, physical or online channels, etc.

History of companies adding music into the mix

Some industries have incorporated music into their marketing mix for years. Think about hotels, restaurants, your favorite store in the mall, movies. Now, we see more companies shift to this idea. Bec says, “Virgil has done an incredible job with showing how a brand can elevate themselves by communicating via the culture, sound, and community of music. It is another artistic platform to showcase how creative you can be and bring on a loyal following.”

Music and emotions are linked

Studies show that music activates the same part of the brain where emotions and memory are processed. This can help you with brand recognition and creating a feeling you want your consumers to feel once they have your product.

“It is now more than ever more important for brands to start to work with the same ‘sound’ and type of artists to not confuse their customers. A visual metaphoric example would be you can’t have fluro pinks as your color of the season, and then the next day have it all be about beige hues,” advises Bec.

You’ll want to keep the emotions you’re trying to inspire aligned with your mission and goals. And if we know anything from marketing (or life at that), consistency is key.

How to align music with your visual branding

The best advertisement (the ones that are remembered), according to this study by Neurosight, are the ones that have lyrics or a tempo that matches what is happening on screen. However, we understand that’s not as easy as it sounds. Bec advises when you’re thinking of adding music into the marketing mix first, “Define your goals and the desired outcome.” Think: What emotions do you want to be associated with your brand? What do you want your customers to do? How do you want your customers to feel? Les Filles pairs a company’s sonic identity perfectly by using years worth of music knowledge and reading rooms to see how people react to different songs, genres, and artists, in each situation.

What are your thoughts?

Are you inspired to add music to your marketing mix? Or do you already have an identified sonic sound? Let us know in the comments below.

Need on-brand sound support

Adding music to your marketing mix is a meaningful way to elevate your holistic marketing strategy and engage with your community. So, if your brand is looking for support with identifying its sound, looking to compliment your brand’s aesthetic, or looking to make visuals more impactful, consider working with these lovely sonic experts.

Meet the experts

Bec Adams

As the founder of Les Filles, Bec Adams specializes in talent management (representing female DJs), music supervision, original composition, and talent sourcing. She has worked with incredible brands such as Chanel, Flamingo Estate, Rivian, Equinox, and many more. You can follow Les Filles on Instagram for more updates on their projects.

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