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Why You Should Invest in a Marketing Company


Owning a business is enough work for one person, let alone handling all the bits and pieces that come along with it. In today’s new normal, investing in your business can be confusing. Some people may not know where to start, and others don’t know where to look. In this blog, I will share the ins and outs of why you should invest in a marketing company for your business.

Why should I invest in my business?

According to First Site Guide, 9 out of 10 startups fail, and 20% fall apart after a year. There are many reasons for this, including the inability to offer a product for the company’s target market and struggles with marketing. Another reason for these statistics is poor team organization. So what does this have to do with why you should invest in a marketing company?

1. Expertise. Essentially, you’re hiring people who know what they’re doing. Taking on marketing tasks in-house may sound ideal and cost-effective in some cases. However, quality over quantity applies significantly in this scenario. When you invest in a marketing company, you’re hiring a team that knows how to work together and present more significant results.

2. Growth. When starting your business, you may know who your target audience is, but how do you reach those people? Marketing companies can find your audience ideal audience, which in return:

  • Builds your brand awareness
  • Increases your sales
  • Reaches future clients
  • Increases your social media influence

3. Time saver. As we all know, time is money. Because of this, when you invest in a company you trust, you save money, as you will not be juggling many tasks. As a result, this will allow you to focus on your main priorities.

When should I invest in my business?

Some may be confused as to when you should invest in your business. In my opinion, if you are asking yourself that question, chances are now is the time. However, there are three other ways to know when the right time is to invest in your business.

  1. Sales are stagnant/ you are not meeting your sales goals.
  2. Not reaching or growing your audience.
  3. Not finding solid leads.

Investing in Investing…

We all know that money is a huge factor when growing your business. The truth is, when you invest in your business, the rewards come back tenfold. But what if you’re literally starting from the bottom? Thankfully, there are platforms dedicated to helping you meet these funds.

One leading platform is WeFunder. According to Wikipedia, Wefunder is a crowdfunding service that connects startups with investors online. Another way you can raise money for your business is through government assistance programs like SBA grants or SBA lending. Some companies look for creative ways to raise money, like contests you can find online or at events.

CADA’s Holistic Marketing Approach

Finding a marketing company that aligns with your business is essential. For example, our clients hire us because we approach our services holistically. Holistic marketing refers to a marketing strategy that considers a whole business and all the different marketing channels as a system. Under this strategy, a business with various departments collaborates to pursue a conscious mission, excellent customer experience, and a positive brand image. Learn more about our approach in our previously written holistic marketing blog.

Will you be investing in your business this year?

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