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Your Holistic and Sustainable Summer Shopping Guide


If you’re anything like me, summer shopping is always a gradual process. From finding that pair of shorts that fits perfectly to deciding where to vacation, I need all the help I can get. Thankfully, our sustainable summer shopping guide made this year’s checklist easy to complete. Use our links to check out these brands, and read more extensively about their environmental efforts.

Traveling Done Right

Eco Hotels is the perfect place to plan your vacation. This company believes tourism has the potential to be used for good; that’s why they have an extensive list of hotels that are committed to sustainability. Their efforts extend even further than that, as they partnered with Plastic Exchange to plant one tree for each booking. You can find a place to stay in 150 different countries through the Eco Hotels website. Use our link to book your stay now!

Gone to the water

MARDA combines modern swimwear and sustainability to create a men’s line with a purpose. This company uses the best Japanese fabric technology that makes comfortable and quality clothing with a highly green focus. With each purchase, the brand donates a percentage of each pair to The Ocean Cleanup. This investment will make you feel and look good while enjoying your summer.

Vitamin A wants you to look and feel good this summer by supporting their sustainable swimwear that creates fabric from recycled and plant-based materials. The positive impact does not end there. Through each purchase, you will donate to organizations supporting protecting the ocean through Vitamin A’s partnership with 1% For The Planet. Use our link for $40 off a 100-dollar purchase!

Fashion Fanatic

Made Trade has all the accessories, clothing and shoes you can choose from this summer. This company is woman-owned, family-run, and a small business. Made Trade’s values are extensive including fair trade, made in the USA, BIPOC owned, sustainability, veganism, and much more. When you shop on their website, you support many different companies that support at least two of these values.

Girlfriend Collective has the perfect collection for active women. When I think of summer, I think of hiking, biking, traveling, and outdoor yoga. This company believes in ethical manufacturing and recycled materials, which is why they are SA8000 certified. Along with their outstanding efforts, Girlfriend carries a wide range of clothes from XXS to 6XL. You can now shop for their new gym bag and new bras.

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