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Summer Shopping Guide: Holistic & Sustainable


Summer shopping is a great way to refresh your wardrobe and routines for sunny weather. We make a positive impact every year by choosing sustainable and eco-friendly products. Our Sustainable Summer Shopping Guide will help you easily navigate this journey, showcasing brands that offer chic and practical summer essentials while prioritizing environmental responsibility.

Clean Makeup

Let your natural beauty shine with Alleyoop, which offers clean makeup and beauty products. Upgrade to the all-in-one, award-winning beauty designed to make life easier because you don’t need four tools when their 4-in-1 brush gets it done for less. Their range also includes essentials like natural deodorant, sunscreen-infused moisturizers and concealers, perfect for protecting your skin during long days in the sun. Learn more about the importance of sunscreen in our sunscreen secrets blog.

Skincare + Haircare

Taking care of your skin this summer with trusted brands is important to keep it hydrated and exfoliated. Bionassay focuses on everyday skincare solutions rooted in science and nature. I can’t live without their fast-absorbing serum, Eclat de Lait, which blends Glycolic Acid at 5%, Honey, Chicory Root, and Chamomile. Making it a daily leave-on exfoliant that replenishes the skin barrier to maintain its healthy appearance and even out the complexion without irritation. Their commitment to sustainability ensures that your skincare routine benefits your skin and the environment. Use our code: BIONASSAY20 for 20% off your purchase!

During the summer, we’re constantly in and out of the pool and the ocean, all while our hair strands take in all that heat and sweat. Everist has captured the sensorial shower experience you love with the results you can see after one wash. From a deep cleansing lather to their signature essential oil blend, their 15x award-winning concentrates are like nothing you’ve tried before. Plus, by removing water from their formulas, they can create cutting-edge concentrates that are ultra clean, packed with actives, and leave your hair and skin happy and healthy.

Sustainable Bathing Suits

Beach days and summer vacations are highlights of the season. Urbankissed offers a cute selection of sustainable bathing suits and beachwear, making it easy to look stylish while staying eco-conscious. Their collections feature handmade, unique finds from small, conscious brands, and for every order placed, they plant a tree, contributing to environmental preservation. Another swimwear brand we love is Berlook, comfortable pieces made from highly stretchy and sustainable materials that cover all body types.

Refreshing Beverages

Nothing beats the summer heat like a refreshing drink. Ghia is the perfect non-alcoholic apéritif, crafted with the purest ingredients to enhance social gatherings. Featuring a blend of botanical extracts, herbs, and citrus, Ghia offers a unique and sophisticated flavor that promotes relaxation and well-being.

It’s a healthier option and the perfect base for a delightful mocktail. Ideal for summer picnics, barbecues, and beach days, Ghia keeps you cool and refreshed without the alcohol. Use our code: CONSULT15 for 15% off your purchase!

What did you learn from this blog? How has Summer Shopping been for you in the past? Let us know in the comments. In the meantime, check out our latest blog regarding our retreats coming up in Fostering Workplace Well-being through The CADA Method!

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